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Well, it seems I have become the devil incarnate according to a few people.

I posted what I thought was a reasonable request, not singling anyone out or placing blame on anyone. Unfortunately one person for reasons know to themselves took it personally and jumped down my throat. A few other people also jumped on this persons point of view and joined in the name calling, finger pointing, insulting and word twisting campaign against me and a few others who happened to agree with my original post. Now they are calling for me to be banned because I insulted and offended them. I guess when the insulting, finger pointing and name calling is from them directed at me it's OK but when I defend myself and post something that offends them I should be banned. C'est la vie.

For a while I've been thinking of winding down my participation in this site for a few reasons. A prime one was how a few people had essentially ruined the review section. I would go there to read or write reviews of things only to find that most, if not all of the reviews for the product were by people who had not used it, never heard of it or had no intention of using it and were asking questions or posting comments about it. They did however decide to positively rate the product. This made the rating of the product worthless and reading the reviews of the product pointless as I didn't learn anything useful about them. The other main reason is that a number of users post advice that is either kind of true but misguided, completely radical with nothing to back it up, not true or just plain dangerous to people's health. When I have seen these things I've tried to point them out but have been insulted and jumped on, often by people who have nothing to do with what I've said. There is a lot of good advice on the site but it's become increasingly hard to find and despite the best efforts of the management, when somebody tries to help the small group of people jump down their throat. I suspect it's because they are some of the main offenders in posting the these problem things and are becoming defensive.

So, I think it's time to take a step back and let the small group of people who hate me stop living in fear from me. Quite what they think will happen I;m not really sure. Sorry to all the people who enjoy my posts and thank you to all the people who have emailed me in the past telling me how something I've posted has changed your life for the better. That's all I'm trying to do. I will probably still read, I may post if I see something dangerous and I'll read emails that get sent. I have a life and it's not worth my time dealing with the hassle created by a few people who decided they don't like me and act all holier than thou.

I post on other diabetes boards with the same user ID so if you look you can find me if you google search the right 2 words.

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FiveKids 2008-10-25 07:20:43 -0500 Report

It is what it is and time will tell what it evolves into as a site. Right now it is going into a "feel good" site direction, which in of itself is ok. I have learned very little about my type 1 diabetic diseases from this site and how best to manage it. As one that has been recently diagnosed, I am still searching for answers. I have come to the conclusion that I need to read more and education myself, but I do not anticipate placing much credence from diabetic connect as a resource.

Anonymous 2008-10-25 08:36:45 -0500 Report

Have you checked out Dlife on TV. It is on CNBC in my town. they offer very good information and recipes and it is run by everyday people living with diabetes like this site is supposed to be, It comes on where I am on Sundays at 6 pm.

kdroberts 2008-10-24 01:17:27 -0500 Report

I just wanted to re-iterate that what people have said about me isn't the reason I'm not really posting anymore, it's more that I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find topics in every section and a little about the functionality of the site in general.

This website is trying to do something a bit new using some pretty up to the minute technologies and it's a cool idea. However, more people using it mean more topics, more replies and without a search and with the way things are organized, it's not that easy to keep track of things.

For instance, I don't track a lot of items because that in itself get's complicated when you see 20 or so tracked items in your inbox so I rely on the home page and the discussion categories. The problem with the home page is there are just a lot of postings that I have no interest in. Right now there is one listed about a home caretaker, I don;t need one and no nothing about them so I'm not really interested in that topic. If I look at the categories it lists the posts but instead of listing the person who wrote the last post and when, it lists the person and time from the original post.

I also don't really like the way you actually post either. No way to post pictures or attach a link to a word or phrase easily, no way to do any real text formatting and my biggest issue is it's very easy to lose your entire reply. Many a time I've had something substantial written and then accidentally clicked outside the reply window only to see it disappear taking my reply with it. That is frustrating.

The other problem is that people can easily reply or post in the wrong way. I've seen it a lot where somebody has posted on the type 1 board about a problem and then somebody has (I assume) read it via the homepage and replied. However the person replying is a type 2 and gives an answer that is very valid and useful for somebody with type 2 but not helpful, and sometimes dangerous, for a type 1. Similar things happen when posting, people accidentally post in the wrong section. One prime example was a review for a boost drink. It's an over the counter drink available in most grocery stores and pharmacies but was posted in the injection prescription section of the reviews. If you were looking for that, since there is not a search, you almost certainly wouldn't find it.

I know the team is working hard on improvements but with the site at the size it is now and the functionality available on it, I find it more and more time consuming and frustrating to use. I test and design web applications for a living so I have enough of the frustrations at work!

Those are some of my main issues and I've had them for a while, what happened the other day just added to them. Now there is a section of the members who don't like me and based on what they have posted to me before, they will jump on everything I write if it's not in total agreement with what they think is right. That's not going to be helpful for anyone. It already happened before, I replied to Gabby a few weeks ago with a reply that was critical but not targeted at her to be mean or rude. A few people jumped all over me about it and how I shouldn't say stuff like that, funnily enough Gabby was not one of them and actually thanked me for the post. Something new started yesterday to that made me want to bang my head on the desk. I read the post "diabetes and intimacy" and saw a few replies that suggested that it wasn't a topic to be discussed in the open. Trying to keep something taboo or behind closed doors is the sure fire way to make sure that people who need to know about it won't. If a topic makes you uncomfortable then you are free to ignore it but to try and cover it up does no good. The fact that children can see it is not a bad thing either. It was an honest post about a major side of diabetes that people don't know about, largely because people are embarrassed to talk about it. Getting children comfortable talking about that sort of stuff will save countless lives in the future. Just look at the strides made in breast cancer survival over the last 20 years or so. It's largely due to the fact that people started talking about it.

So, that's pretty much my reasons, not because of a small group of people. I still read stuff and I'll answer things via email. I do post on another board too that I find easier to use, although the functionality is much less. Just google diabetes kdroberts and you'll find it, just don't click the first link or any link that has "profile" in the address.

FiveKids 2008-10-23 12:45:53 -0500 Report

One of the reason's I come to this site is to see what you have said. Keep in mind: "Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds" - Albert Einstein. By the way, your advice on a lancet device has been wonderful. I just started to use it today.

morris.js 2008-10-23 10:58:13 -0500 Report

KD, You know there is no reason to go. There are literaly thousands of people on this site and for you to leave because of the opinions of a few, well that is ridiculous.

Your input has helped many, and should continue to help more.

I admit, there have been times when you and I seemed to be at odds, but that is the whole purpose of these discussions, to get other points of view. If someone takes your opinion as a personal attack on them, that is their problem.

Don't give up on those that respect your opinion.

John Morris

sexyswamprat 2008-10-21 15:17:31 -0500 Report

I really wish you would reconsider leaving. If some people fear you and your opinions I think that is their problem and they need to learn to deal with it or stay off the site. Your information is so helpful to so many people and this is truely a sad day for so many. You are going to be so missed. I will still continue to send you personal message.

GabbyPA 2008-10-21 10:52:31 -0500 Report

I hate to see them win, but I do understand. Please keep in touch. I go very astray without your checks and balances.

sparkysmom 2008-10-21 09:22:11 -0500 Report

I for one am truly going to miss you. Please let me know where else you post. I never get the google thing right.
Jackie (:

Lanore 2008-10-21 09:21:44 -0500 Report

Sorry KD I for one have learned alot from your posts as well. You will be missed. Take care. Lanore

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