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I was diagnosed in 2008 when i turned 18. They first started me off with apidra at each meal and lantis before bed. For a year and a half i did great. I got my A1C down from 14 to 5.5. Then after a while it became a chore to me. Four shots a day. Checking my sugars. My blood suger was alright, my A1c went up to 7 and it started getting more difficult to control it. I started to get frustrated with it and started not to care. Not good. This went on for a little over a year. My A1c then went up to 10. I told my doc that it wasnt working and after some talking she switched me to novalog mix 70/30 twice a day. It works so much better. Ive been on it now for almost a week. And my numbers are in range for the most part. Still some tweaking to do but its way better then be for. I dont need to pee as much. So happy about that.

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RAYT721 2011-07-30 20:31:59 -0500 Report

Sounds like quite a journey you've had but very glad to hear that you are doing better. It sometimes takes a little tweaking and a lot of self-motivation but you're doing it kiddo. The important thing is to care! You're on the right track … don't let yourself get derailed again.