Diabetic Living - Fall 2011 - Review

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I love Diabetic Living Magazine, a special interest publication from Better Homes & Gardens and the most recent issue, Fall 2011, is no different. This quarter's publication features articles such as "Zero-Calorie Rewards," "Smart Ways to Spend Your Carb Budget," and an interview with a diabetic cowboy. The issue features such recipes as Easy Taco Salad (27 g carbs w/ 6 g fiber); 18 gram carb mini apple-cinnamon empanadas made with won ton wrappers; Sweet Pepper & Green Onion Quesadillas (132 calories); and a few diabetic friendly recipes with bacon.

This quarter's Diabetic Living Magazine reviews a few pedometers, discusses a contributors story about traveling abroad with insulin, reviews various kinds of nuts, and features an article on better frozen entrees. Don't miss the article called "Trail Blazing" about how to enjoy the outdoors for brisk aerobic exercise, perfect for fall.

Diabetic Living often features little tips and tricks on living and coping with diabetes, weight loss, exercise, and the advertisements are at least related to the magazine subject/content. Just remember that the ads are paid ads and not necessarily sponsored by the magazine. Always research products or services before believing claims of cures and consult professional medical advice when unsure if something is right or wrong for you.

It is time to renew my subscription and I have an offer for a free year which will give two years of Diabetic Living for $19.97. Oh, yeah, book em danno! :)

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