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Ok, 1st of all I shower every day. I have noticed a different body odor sience I was told that I have type 2. Now, I do not stink, but it has a fruity smell (wtf) lol
I watch the C.S.I. tv shows and on one show a man got charged for killing someone by his body odor. He was a diabetic. That really got my brain going.
My question is: Is it because of what I eat and drink, or is it just me? OR is it the diabeties itself? Medication? And finally, Anyone else noticed it?

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Oxbow 2011-07-31 08:36:34 -0500 Report

Tks, But I have found out the odor… Its is the body wash that I was using…I tryed a new body wash awhile back, and that is when I found out about my type 2. I have switched body wash and the smell is gone. AURGGGGGG LOLOLLL
But tks for the reply

realsis77 2011-07-30 12:47:14 -0500 Report

I've not noticed a body odor however after I inject my insulin I notice a strange smell comming off my urine? Its almost a chemical smell? I've just posted about it and I'm not sure what that is? It is in the first urine after injection? That is the only thing I've noticed as an odor . Its not a continueous odor either it only happens after the first injection of insulin for the day. The smell I smell is definately a chemical odor. Its very bothersome to me! I've not noticed any other odors associated with my diabetes.

MrsCDogg 2011-07-31 13:03:41 -0500 Report

I use Lantus and every time I take the end off of the pen there is this nasty chemical smell to it.

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