Recycling prescription bottles

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I am taking 4 prescriptions and I did not want to throw the non-biodegradable bottles into the trash. Instead, I recycle them. Some ideas for uses after removing the labels:

1. Storing unused lancets. The prescription bottles keep kids out and keep other family members from being accidentally injured.

2. Storing small craft (beads) or sewing supplies (buttons).

3. Carry AA or AAA batteries in a briefcase or purse. They will lose power if they have contact with metal, such as your keys.

4. Carry small office supplies (paper clips or rubber bands) in a brief case.

5. Store cotton balls, ointments or creams when traveling.

6. I use the container my testing strips come in to cary a one day supply of lancets when going on a job interview, shopping trip, etc.

Any other ideas?

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jayabee52 2011-07-28 17:27:02 -0500 Report

Love the idea of reusing (not technically recycling) the bottles.

I really don't have all that many batteries, office supplies, sewing supplies, to make use of the 10 bottles a month that I use. I make sure that those bottles get to a place where they will be recycled into other products, even if that means I have to collect them for a while and take them to a recycling center. I never put them in the garbage.