10 Keys to less stress......

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1) Create a to do list. Jot down all the tasks you have to do in order of their importance. 2) Listen to a happy tune. Enjoy some relaxing music. 3) Get Moving. Phsical activity help relieve stress. Park your automobile farther away from the door to get yourself to exercise a bit more. 4)Take a Bubble bath. Put some music on and enjoy a brief soak. 5) Surf the web. Do your shopping on the internet. 6) Call a Buddy. A good chat with a good friend or family member can brighten up your day. 7) Spend time with those you love. Connect with the ones you love, take a walk, go for a bike ride, or enjoy a romantic dinner. 8) Delegate. Share your duties with others around you. 9) Schedule a break. Set aside some time each day to sit and relax with a cup of coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate. 10) If your Doctor approves: A glass of heart healthy red wine. Be sure to eat something along with the wine to slow down the alcol's glucose lowering effects.

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Cookie Roma
Cookie Roma 2011-08-13 02:17:57 -0500 Report

Stress is killing me right now! There's a few really stressful things going in but a significant stressor is having diabetes. I cook dinner for myself and ny family and I enjoy that. Figuring out what to eat , fixing it, then eating it is more than I can stand! I'm not sure what to do about it and at the moment (well, the last several days) I don't care!!!

shoulders 2011-08-15 23:34:51 -0500 Report

Yes, it is a BIG stress. But, just hang in there it will get better. What is going on with your meals? Is it the taste or the amount or what? Its not uncommon to get down when you first descover that your diabetic, and the changes in your foods. Try some of the recipes from Tommy123400, He will have lots of recipes and you can ask for something you would like. There is even desserts!!!!! So don't look at it as a diet, a Smarter way of eating is what it really is.