A Diabetes Food Diary: Why Should You Keep a Food Diary?

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Here is one of those many things that you can actually do without, yet it helps to make dealing with and managing your diabetes a lot easier.

It's called a Diabetes Food Diary, or Log Book!

By recording everything you eat and drink on a daily basis, you become much more aware of exactly what, when and why you eat, and therefore become more accountable for your food habits.

Keeping track of your daily food consumption based on food items, how they are prepared, calories, carbohydrates, etc., and your before and after blood glucose readings can help you to monitor and identify patterns and implement changes to help you gain control of your diet.

Here are a few links that may be of interest you:




The important thing to remember is to be honest when writing in your food diary.

No one else has to see it but you.


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VaHermit 2011-07-28 13:16:31 -0500 Report

I agree…it helped me as a newly diagnosed diabetic, learn what I ate to spike my sugar or what made it rise quick when it was low. I try to keep the things that work best on hand. Due to low income…having a months supply or more allows for short falls in income to not hurt my ability to control my blood sugar. Food Storage has saved my life and made coping with diabetes more manageable. Scary times ahead for those of us on disability and or SS. Thanks for info…

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