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on july 25th i got the best newa i lost a toal of 41 poundsand my number is 80. the doc told me that this is the best numbers for me he has seen over the past 13 years even though i had diabeties for over 6 years. also my blood pressure was 100 over 80 that has not happen in God knows how long. he asked what did i do . i told him the truth. which i left my husband. you talking about someone jumped for joy. i never knew that a family member could put so much stress on you that you could make your on self sick.i still have to take the pill because of my family back ground. but boy it felt so good to hear something good for a change . thank you all for being there for me. bless you all my dc family. again thank you for being my support and my life line. and to those special ones who allways give a shoulder to you to cry on a special kiss from me to you.

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berrykins0 2011-08-02 17:15:44 -0500 Report

i started my weight loss april 2009 .sounds like i had a goal i wanted to reach by my 36 birthday sept 2009 which was back 2009 with my weight and i reached it. i lost half of the weight i needed to lose.and the other half i did lose like i wanted to by the goal i set which was 7months later.aril 2010 it always feels good when things go the way you want them to with a little hard work to boot.congradulations to you. don't give up on yourself in life. you never know what you can do to make things right in life.i think like thisand it makes you feel good about yourself.don't worry, think good thoughts.

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