Why the Placebo or Placebo Effect

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No one would know better than me that the mind is very powerful. So the best way to evaulate something is to have an open mind and no expectations. As in my case, I let two thing inform me of something making a change, and that would be my glucose meter. Neither one will fool you. As I type this I am running another test, have to wait on my first meal.

The Placebo filters the bias and self opinions so who ever is running the test can get the best results. I am on this board for one reason, there are many sick people here including me and maybe we all can make a difference. In the mean while ever one have a bless day!

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meant to say my body and my glucose meter, and interpreting both is very compllicated, being a self made engineer, in calculus, you hold a lot of the variablle constant so you can see the real answer pertaing to the data you are trying to get to. The FDA protects us, but the procedure to go through is very expensive, so the things out there in daily live is going to be differcult to get to. I am very strong in my conviction, but that debate my friend had me go to wore me down.