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I was just looking at the discussion "how low do you go" from May and June. Guys, I don't get it. When I get into the 30s (and it happens often) a coke won't do it. A coke, 2 glucose tabs and a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich will bring it up to 92. But if my BS is in the normal range, a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich will make it jump to 220. How do you all control your glucose so well?

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spiritwalker 2011-07-25 21:29:08 -0500 Report

It helps if you eat meals at the same time and carb count. If I go too long between meals or change my carb count I can count on my numbers being off. I also know there are foods I can't eat. If I eat a grilled cheese on whole wheat I am on my way to a 300 bg, so I don't eat them. can't eat green grapes a normal serving 12-15 grapes will send me into the 300 range. You need to find what each food you eat does to your bg reading. They is a lot of good information on this site. Check
some of the food videos,book reviews, and recipes.These maybe of help. You
might also want to meet with a diabetic educator for menu help. Good luck!

JoleneAL 2011-07-25 19:00:19 -0500 Report

Oh boy, I had a 55 before lunch - had taken a glucose tab about 20 mins before I tested and ate a 37 carb meal and 2 hours later it was at 173 … how the heck does that happen! Sometimes, our body's have minds of their owns!

daydreamer630 2011-07-25 18:26:57 -0500 Report

i wish i knew how they do it because mines the same way. But my Dr told me not to take peanut butter when trying to bring BG up. You see its a protein, so it takes longer to digest, which is good when BGs finally come up. Once its up then it'll keep it from dropping.
It sometimes helps me but its hard bc when i get that low and shaky i eat whatever i get my hands on till it comes up. Lately i've been really workin on that and following the "15 minute rule" and waiting to see where its at. Though i've found i probably should wait a little longer. Hope this helps, a little bit atleast.

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