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Found out I had diabetes, and I could not travel with out stopping 7 times in 250 miles. Did not know what a glucose reading was. My last reading was 116 and I did not know that was close to being borderline diabetic. I attacked like crazy, did research. Lost pounds, cut all the sugar, bread (white), stir fried all colors of onions, bell peppers, mushrooms with virign olive oil. Started swimming and a little basket ball. Well, I got tired and my weight went right back to 343.

I also took supplements from local drug store. Chromium Picolinate, Cinnamon, CLA, Vitiman B12, Fish Oil, Walmart equate one daily vitiman, CNCA (cancer nutrition center of america) Immunomax, apple cider vinger.

I worked 4 months selling electricty door to door even to night. I sweat some of the weight gained back off. Tried a little student teaching and then a sore appear on my left left. I was horrified,,big as a half dollar and a 1/8 inch deep. To treat this my Doctor told me it would have to heat inside out. Out of the blue comes a miracle. She bought me a tea and said it was healthy, so I started taking it, after about ten days I noticed the immflammation leave my feet. Strange things started to happen such getting motor skill controll, turn goose bumps on and off at will and porting electrical energy to people on command. My miracle tea has a U.S. patent to treat Parkinson and surely think so.

Now I let my glucose meter do the talking. I am still in my test mode for the dosages I need. So now for the second time I have my glucose reading under control. But two big test were ahead of me, I was medicating in the work out place hot tub and fell asleep, the Parametic came and revided me. I body temperature was 104 deg F and my heart rate was 142 and I could not move. Had I not been strong I was out of this place call earth. Then the second event I started noticing I could draw, sing, and the power was being shift to my left side. My spouse called my children and they took me to the emer. room and a CAT scan revealed a large meniginoma tumor sitting on the left side of my brain. The surgery was quick, no cancer and my neurosurgeon Dr. Peter M. Sheddan told me it jump out.
I do have neuropathy in both feet, I can remember the stinging sensation.

My miracle supplements cnca pill, oxygenated water, and my ganderma lucirum extract get another test. I was given di-latin and a steroid and those two will drive blood sugar sky high. My regiment took my sugar readings from close to 282 down to 104 and after two days those combianation of pill did not effect me any more.

Now for the good part, every body is different, what dosage of something might be good for me and yours could be different, but every one has meters and is aware that they have got to take control. I am working on my presentation as we speak. Jayabe52 my friend on this board call me out saying MLM will say any thing and I agree the cost and shipping cost runs the expense up. It takes money to get well and stay well. We shall see! I have videos on U-TUBE,,,,,,1LEWISWRIGHT2,,,

Not trying to sell anyone locally here I am getting ready to take the message to the people. Diabetes is a ugly disease if not controlled. GOD bless every one!

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diabetes control
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jayabee52, I appreciate you being you. In this case it helped me do a test that was very contructive. In the mean while my mind is open, and like when my feet freed 4 years ago up my attention was caught. There are a lot of different products out there, and changes are being made. I am trying to design something that will mold all the positive and negative and result into a winner. Look at this, if I did not have the surgery I would have the powerful data I got. You came out, I got some data I would not have. I did not seek this out, it came to me and I feel GOD is in the mix. Plus I know something is going to have to give. We as a nation can't handle an increase in numbers to go to 1 out of every three for diabetes. So until I get more knowledge, I shall pursue learning more. A favorite say of mind would be "we shall see". Come at me in the future, having good kidneys is worth a million dollars and I would do any thing to fix mine if they were going bad. With your knowledge you are way ahead of the game of getting to the right answer.

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Howdy Lewis.
Perhaps I ought to thank you for remaining my friend after I "said" something like that. I was referring to the MANY different diseases and conditions which are claimed to be either affected, diminished or cured by the use of the Ganoderma lucidum. Not just diabetes type 2. Please quote me accurately when I am referenced. Here is that discussion. (Sorry I cannot pinpoint just the pertinent part there will be a bit of reading involved) : http://www.diabeticconnect.com/discussions/11846 I have yet to read most of what you wrote there Lewis, and I want to give it the consideration which it deserves.

Some of us had been down this path before. Here's that exchange: http://www.diabeticconnect.com/discussions/10....

Please know that I am taking your opinion seriously, and will also do my own research, so it may be a while before I get back to you, but I will get back to you.

diabetes control
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you are my friend, if we all did not have difference ideas and experiences nothing would gain. I am excited about getting the nerve damage from 4 years ago re-check, and you made get dig down, I shut down the kitchen in 10 minutes, of course some more of that ice cream. Blue Bell is good down here!

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