Ok< I am really bummed out!

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I have been having a Lot of trubble with getting my BG down . Since I went on the novolinR I have huge swollen hands and feet. LOL Finally getting the BG down though. The biggest problem is the horrible pains in my hands and feet.
Funny thing is that I took a couple of Aleve (store brand) and eased the pain a lot. That is when my sugar goes down, when the pain does. I can not explain as to why I have n ot been to the Dr. this month, to much family stuff. Am going after the first for sure. Sorry, just venting again.

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VickieF 2011-09-26 19:26:14 -0500 Report

OK,I finally got in to see the Phyc. N/P this morning. We talked and I answered her questions. She said that the nerve pain sounded more like disc problems in my neck and lower back than to do with my diabeties. Also that the next time I go to my Dr. to ask for them to do a gout test. Then she told me that she can not do anything for the pain, but she can knock me out at night. That getting some sleep should help me be more able to cope with everything else.
Thanks so much for just one more lingering trama to my life Gary. This is said very sarcastically. You see his favorite place to beat me was in the head leaving huge knotts ending in later damage. Nice guy Huh?
OK, Well it is close to time to see if this new med will help me sleep.

jayabee52 2011-09-26 22:13:53 -0500 Report

Praying that it works for you and you get some relief from the pain.

VickieF 2011-09-27 21:56:25 -0500 Report

Thank you James! Unfortunatly It was still 3am before I could fall asleep. I will keep trying for the next month until I see her again. If this don't work we will try another med. :)

VickieF 2011-08-22 13:50:43 -0500 Report

For the first time in years I got up and tested my BG and it was 112. Yippy!!! Other than the Hand pain I feel good today!

VickieF 2011-08-18 19:18:40 -0500 Report

I called and now have an appointment at pathways ( mental health and counceling center) in my area. The idea and number came from the NP at the health department. Hopefully when I see them they can help not only with the depretion, but also with the pain, as some anti-depressants are also used for pain management. Would be great if we could kill two birds with one stone. The only kicker about going is that they can not get me in until the 19th of Sept. I am about in tears with the pain tonight. Bummer.

sheriden 2011-08-19 05:19:17 -0500 Report

That is rough but you are a strong woman an I know you will do what it takes. I am going to get going on my self and work real hard to keep things on track. Prayers are with you.

margokittycat 2011-08-14 12:30:16 -0500 Report

Vickie Sorry to hear about the swelling and pain in your hands and feet. It's sucks being diabetic because those are always the first two things to sell I know been there for almost 31 years. It may be arthritis or it could be there is some nerve damage or that the blood follow is going down. I hope the doctors appt will figure it out for you. If the Alve is working and keeps the BS down I would keep doing that until you talk to your doctor and see what they say about it. I don't get relief from Aleve, but after my surgery from a slip and fall almost three years ago my ortho told me to do Tylenol Arthritis it seems to do the trick.

robertoj 2011-08-14 05:41:55 -0500 Report

I have had chronic pain for years was prescribed NSAIDs they didn't work for me at all. Thank God the pain is mild now. Glad your BG is lower. Maybe the stress from the pain factored into BG numbers.

VickieF 2011-08-14 11:42:42 -0500 Report

Thank you Robertoj. I am sure the pain does contribute to my higher readings. Every time the pain get almost unbearable (2-3 x's a week) there seams to be nothing I can do to get the BG numbers down. I know the OTC's that I take only help when the pain is not at 7 or over and then they only take it down to maybe a 4-5.

NurseEmma 2011-08-14 04:46:08 -0500 Report

Being a RN For 33 years you kind of learn the rules. The NP was telling you the truth. By law and rules they work under a doctor. He may be in another office or even place but they have to have a consulting doctor who agrees to be available to the NP at anytime mostly by phone or they may agree to come in and work a couple of days with the NP but they can not practice without a doctor to consult with. As for writing prescription for narcotic or even controlled drugs they CANNOT write them for only a doctor can. As for the alert jewelry perhaps you could research on the Internet and find something more appealing. Let us know what you come up with. Have a blessed day.

AuntieM234 2011-08-19 05:17:52 -0500 Report

Emma: One doesn't need to be a RN to learn rules. Vickie didn't question the NP's veracity. I understand her frustration with the limited medical help she was able to receive. Do you feel your discourse assisted her in any way? (That's a rhetorical question, btw.)

VickieF 2011-08-14 02:22:26 -0500 Report

Ok I went to the Health department Friday. I had the pleasure of seeing a nurse practitioner. No I am not impressed with NP's. I tried talking to her about the pain in my arms and hands begging for something to help with the pain. She told me that due to the state she could not give me anything for the pain. I explained that I have no insurance and can not got to the pain clinic. I also explained that I can not go and have an MRI for the same reason and iwill not even if I could go and get a nerveinduction test. I have had two on my hips lower back and leggs, giving birth without pain meds is less painful. Well in her opinion I have two things wrong causing the majority of pain in my hands and arms.
First is pinched nerves and damadge in my neck and upper spine caused from the beatings in the head and neck from my first husband, along with my being in a car accident in the past (got hit so hard that even with my seatbelt on that My head busted out my sun roof.) lol Oh the things we put our bodies through when we are young and think "Oh it is nothing I am fine".
The second one is that I also have carpatonell syndrome adding to the pain.
She was very nice and said I am sorry I can not help you with this. I asked her if there was anything that I could take that would not damadge my kidneys. She said Nope. Then proceded to tell me to keep taking 2 Aleve twice a day. I begged her to at least up my gabapentin as I am only on 600mg TID. She finally did that. I am now on 800mg TID.
Don can tell when I am hurting, without me saying a thing. lol I guess I sit and rock when I hurt, but when it is bad I also have tears rolling down my face. He pointed it out to me, because I never paid any attention to it, just that I hurt. When it is the worst I go and lay down on the bed and cry.
Anyway, I get the privalage of learning to live with loosing the use of my arms and hands too. I am getting weakness in my arms from it too and at times I can not hold things without dropping them. Typing is not helping either. lol So I will get off of here for now.

margokittycat 2011-08-14 12:38:39 -0500 Report

So sorry to hear about all you have been through your first marriage sounds a lot like mine. More than anyone should have to endure.

VickieF 2011-08-14 22:51:02 -0500 Report

Thank you Margo, So glad to be rid of him. lol He keeps turning up like a bad penny. Stuff to do with the kids and grandkids.lol And now with my health. Dam him. Oh well Donald would never let him hurt me again. Donald is the most loving, caring, respectful man I have ever met. I can not believe that God saw fit to bless me with such goodness in my life, but he did. It upsets Donald to see me in such pain and he is all the time due to fused disks and arthuritis in his back.

Mistletoe 2011-08-14 12:10:42 -0500 Report

Hi Vicki: So sorry about all of your suffering. Just thought I would tell you that I have a friend who had tingling in one arm and hand for quite awhile (not as painful as yours) and she had an MRI which showed a protruding disc in her neck. They operated and fused the discs and now she is fine, she was on ACESS when they did all of this.

Also to let you know that ALEVE has never done a thing for any kind of pain that I have had…it does absolutely nothing for me; so might also be your case.

For other help with pain and high BG you might try contacting an Herbalist in your area; one who is a practitioner. There are many highly knowledgeable Herbalist on Herbmentor.com online and they are all about helping people. I have found that
Fenugreek supplements will bring down my BG if it is too high (even with taking Metformin)…so there are a few options that might help a little. God Bless You!

VickieF 2011-08-18 00:27:10 -0500 Report

I looked online for a herbalist in my area and there is not one within about 100 miles. I can't drive that far darnit.

VickieF 2011-08-14 22:42:30 -0500 Report

Thank you Misletoe. I had not thought of trying that Misletoe. I will definately check into it. If I can afford it I will try it. With no insurance and little money I hope I can. At this point I am willing to try anything to help with the pain. LOL anything that is except for the nerveindution test that is. lol I've had three kids and that test is more painful than childbirth ( I've had it done on my back and leggs years ago. When they told me i would be in a wheelchair. (Only as a last resort) I fought for 31 years not to be).

NurseEmma 2011-08-14 04:51:21 -0500 Report

Another thing are you talking about carpel tunnel syndrome?

AuntieM234 2011-08-19 05:01:16 -0500 Report

That is an unnecessary question, Emma. Her post is easy to read. It makes me sad to see this kind of treatment. Maybe you're in pain yourself. I wil pray for you. Mara

VickieF 2011-08-14 11:37:41 -0500 Report

Yes, Sorry my spelling is not great. The Dr. can not prescribe anything for pain either. It is only pain clinic dr.s that can, I am told. TN. Sucks for trying to get any kind of medical help. The NP told me they have Cancer patients that can not even get TN. Care.

AuntieM234 2011-08-19 05:30:40 -0500 Report

An apology is unnecessary, Vickie. Each of us should feel comfortable about our interactions here. None of us is perfect. IMO spelling, punctuation, typing skill, sentence structure all pale in comparison to what is being accomplished here. I wish there was something I could do to help you. I can only say that I understand your frustration from being unable to get your medical issues resolved, and I understand your pain. Sending love your way! ;-) Mara

VickieF 2011-08-19 15:00:45 -0500 Report

Thank you, Mara. I am kind of used to it as I have a Sister that is a RN and considers that me (a simple CNA) knows little to nothing. Besides my spelling is due more to the fact that my brain works faster than my fingers and my fingers just can't keep up. LOL No offence intended to anyone.

jayabee52 2011-08-19 23:33:23 -0500 Report

Yeah, I was a CNA too before my disability. Some RNs treat us like dirt, others know that we have the real "hands on" experience with patients and in many cases my home health nurse would defer to me if I made a suggestion.

VickieF 2011-08-20 18:34:06 -0500 Report

LOL I know that one. I have had Dr.s' defer to me when they find I am a CNA more often than RNs'. I have ran an Adult Foster Care home, passed meds (and set them up) given shots, made menues, shopped for and cared for 12 clients at once. I am very glad that your home health nurse listens to and values your oppinion. That sure helps with the mental aspect of our health along with the physical.

jayabee52 2011-08-20 19:58:36 -0500 Report

I am no longer active as a CNA. I had a disbling condition in Dec 2005. Couldn't continue. Of course some of the RNs knew I had more education (master's degree) than they did, and the ones that didn't respect me I knew I had more education than them so their opinions of me didn't bother me.

VickieF 2011-08-21 23:02:32 -0500 Report

I am so sorry that you are now disabled. So glad though that it is of Body and Not of Mind. You are such a good person and friend and that is not diabled. LOL I do understand and love the fact that you do not let ignorance get to you. I do not know how I am supposed to work with numb hands that are so painful that i drop things all the time. lol But I know I will get by. lol I try to laugh at least once a day.

jayabee52 2011-08-22 01:08:04 -0500 Report

Well thank you Vicki for those most kind words.

in 11 years of working as a CNA, I had never dropped a patient when transferring, except Dec 15 2005. I dropped someone (not far, mind you, it was to the arm of the power lift easy chair — but that and my inability to walk a straight line bothered me greatly) I was scared that I would be dropping patients because my balance was out of whack (worse then than it is now — eventualy had to use a walker for a while). I didn't want to put my patients or myself in danger, so I called the registry office and called off for the next few days hoping it would clear up. It didn't. In fact about 1 yr later I fell on the floor of my rented bedroom and was there for 5 days in a semi-comatose state. And to my perception I had only slept the night. My kidneys had shut down and the waste was poisoning my bloodstream. I ended up in the ER, and then ICU, and was put on dialysis, which according to the congress entitles me to "automatic" disability payments and medicare.

OH I do get irritated by ignorant attitudes, but (as the t-shirt says) I "don't let the turkeys get you down". LoL! I try to laugh as much as I can, mostly about me and my foibles.

I praise God that I do have my mind relatively intact (some would say that is a matter of opinion LoL!). And can use it to help people in situations like this.

VickieF 2011-08-22 07:24:11 -0500 Report

Thank you for sharing that James. It is such a scarry thought that someone could lay there so sick for so long. I have thought about that before myself. I am very glad that you were found. It would have been a great loss to many of us on here as I am sure to many others as well. I know I would have lost the oppertunity of making a dear friend.
Yes I like that," Don't let the turkeys get you down."

jayabee52 2011-08-22 16:23:17 -0500 Report

Well, I believe God wasn't finished with me yet. I met jem online almost exactly a year after that incident. I believe He brought me through that to bring the two of us together. He was answering a prayer I had prayed years before, not long after my divorce. Jem said she prayed much the same prayer. We were SUCH a blessing to each other!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-07-26 22:04:29 -0500 Report

Just wanted to say hi! Glad that you are going to talk to the doctor about this. It's hard to live with constant pain. I am hoping that your doc has some answers for you. Please keep us posted!

VickieF 2011-07-26 22:12:54 -0500 Report

Thank You Dr. Gary. I will. I should be used to living in constant pain. I messed up the mechanisams going from my back to my hips over 30 years ago working in a nursing home. Took me 2 years to fight the pain enough to be able to walk without help. The Dr.s back then told me I would end up in a wheelchair and would not give me any pain med, because as they said when I needed it, it would not help if I was already used to it. They told me to live with it. lol Like I had a choice. It is every new pain big or small intensifies the old pain or is it the other way around.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2011-07-27 22:25:47 -0500 Report

Hi Vickie.

Wow, you have really been dealing with pain for a long time. I am really sorry to hear this. It's a lot for you to deal with. And it sounds like you haven't received the level of help that you have needed with your pain. I hear these stories so often. I am wishing you answers and relief. I'm looking forward to better news!


ShellyLargent 2011-07-25 17:21:43 -0500 Report

I got the same thing when I started using Novolin NpH. It only lasted a few days though. Now I only get swelling in my feet and hands if my BG's are too varied during the day and I have to adjust my insulin intake. I usually take a Tylenol or just up my daily asprin dose and it helps until the swelling goes down in a day or two.

VickieF 2011-07-26 21:46:25 -0500 Report

I have been doing a little better today. I am not sure if the swelling is due to heart problems, the heat (allergic to it), the insulin, or a combination of all. Scarry stuff.

AuntieM234 2011-07-26 21:59:19 -0500 Report

You're right about that. When you go to the Dr, you may want to have some lab work done to make sure its not your kidney(s). Also, do you know what side effects there are with the Novolin? ;-) Mara

VickieF 2011-07-26 22:14:38 -0500 Report

One of the side effects is swelling. I am sure they will do a lot of blood work. Thanks for the reminder though.

Auburn Bill
Auburn Bill 2011-07-25 10:11:02 -0500 Report

I take aleve for my neuropathy of the hands and its pain, be careful, use as instructed! I was on tramendol but this caused blurry vision! Ask your doctor all questions of the pain med he gives you nd its side effects before getting the perscription filled! I leared the hard way! Gong to try tylenol arthirits due to possible stomach problems with aleve! Grandpa Bi;;

AuntieM234 2011-07-27 02:59:26 -0500 Report

Hey Bill! Be sure you are careful with the Tylenol. I had a step-daughter a long time ago who tried to commit suicide by taking drugs. The only drugs she could find in my house were over-the-counter. I have always been very careful with Rx drugs. She did it during the night, while we were sleeping, so we didn't know about it until the next morning. Anyway, when we got her to the emergency room, it was too late for a stomach pump. The point here is the only otc drug they were concerned about was the bottle of Tylenol. They took blood samples every hour and sent them by air to the poison control center in Denver, I think. What they were doing is checking for liver damage, because of the Tylenol. I know you aren't going to take a bottle of it, but some people have a tendency to over medicate.
Case in point: My father-in-law took aspirin for Arthritis pain and ended up with a bleeding ulcer from it. ;-) Mara

RaleighDave 2011-07-26 22:38:25 -0500 Report

I tried Aleve this week because a TV commercial caught my attention. I'm surprised that it actually works. I seem to have what I would call restless-joint syndrome where things are tolerable and I'm generally good when I exercise but at night or when I'm at my desk for too long the slight pain drives me crazy. The Aleve works I have to say.

VickieF 2011-07-26 21:43:18 -0500 Report

Thanks Auburn. I will make sure I will write everything down that I need to talk to the Dr. about when I can get in (hopefully next week). I do not need more blurry vision either. Cataracs are enough. lol

MrsCDogg 2011-07-25 09:21:08 -0500 Report

If you are in a lot of pain that will affect your blood sugars. Stress will affect it too. Take care and keep on coming to DC. We all vent from time to time. This is a good place to do it!

VickieF 2011-07-26 21:40:04 -0500 Report

I do understand that. lol everytime my stress goes up both my BP and BGs go up. The pain makes them go up too and that also makes the pain worse. It is All a viciuos circle.
I am so used to helping others it does not come easy to ask for help. I cry when I have to even on DC or from Don. LOL I know that sounds crazy crying when asking your loved one for help, but I honestly do.
Glad the pain is only minimal tonight.

jayabee52 2011-07-24 19:51:26 -0500 Report

Bring it here to DC Vickie! That's one of the reasons we're here, to help each other out with the control of our condition. That includes being able to vent with someone who can at least begin to understand what you're going through because likely we've been through it ourselves.

I wouldn't know what is happening with the Novolin R. Are you saying that it is not the R that is bringing down your BG numbers, but the OTC Aleve? That's interesting.

If that is so, probably time for a medication change.

VickieF 2011-07-24 21:31:06 -0500 Report

I don't know what is bringing it down really. The problem is I have to take to much of the otc. Then it stopped even taking away the pain after about three and a half days, so back to square one. The pain is so bad all I want to do is cry.
I am concerned about the swelling though. I am taking hyrocloathiazide and it is doing nothing. I have issues with my heart too so I am affraid it might have to do with that. So between the both of them I am scared. I have no insurance and cann't afford the bills if they send me to the hospital as they wanted to in Jan.
DHStold me the only way I could get insurance is if I were pregnant or under 19. LOL Like I want either one at 53. Heck I am going to be a great-grandmother in Nov.
I just want the pain to stop really. Sorry I am not above having my own pitty party now and then. That sucks though.
Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder Jim,

jayabee52 2011-07-24 23:35:37 -0500 Report

Didn't know about your other problems. My bride "Jem" had heart problems (CHF with Tachycardia) for about 20 yrs before she passed.

I don't know what the person from DHS was smoking, but it must have been "good stuff" because there ARE ways to get you on medicare before 65. (I'm 59 and am on disability and Medicare and have been since 2007) If your diseases disable you, someone should help you apply for disability to the Soc Sec. Admin. You might have to get disability lawyers involved, (and they will often take your case on contingency. Paying the lawyers if you get disability may be better than paying big hospital bills and having to go bankrupt like I had to.

The heart problem will contribute to the edema. Jem was on several water pills when alive. I don't remember her being on that one you mentioned, but I was only with her for about 2.5 yrs before she passed.

Praying you can get some disability and medicare and get those problems taken care of.


VickieF 2011-07-25 04:22:23 -0500 Report

I filled out a pre-qualifying app. for disability and it said I am Not Eligable, because I have not worked in the last 10 years. Ironic isn't it? I quit a good job with benifits 10 years ago to be able to take care of my parents 24/7. 3 years into it the stress induced heart problems among other things. I spent a week in the hospital at that time being pumped full of drugs to prevent a heart attack wich was starting. It worked, Thank the Lord. My Dr. at the time (also my parents Dr.) told me that I would have evntually became diabetic in about 10-20 years, but the stress hassened the process.
Now every kind of stress causes my BG to go up. Pain and my sun and heat allergies really get it up there. Not to mention how the sun/heat allergies make me look. lol I am a site with big red blotches all over my back, shoulders and leggs. Thank God it does not get my face. Long sleve shirts and long pants do not help at all just makes it worse, because it makes me hotter. Sunblocks do not help either, I've tried them all the way up to 75's. Oh, yes some of my meds. make that worse too. lol
So as to any help I just keep trying. I am not a quiter. I think one day i'll get help, but not if I give up. One step at a time. It is just that some days I want to cry and like I said. I am not above having a pitty party now and then. Thank you for being here to talk and listen. You are a good friend James.

AuntieM234 2011-08-19 05:52:58 -0500 Report

Vickie dear: Did you fill out a pre-qualifing app for disability online? Whether you did it online, on the telephone, or face to face, don't let it be the final answer. I don't believe they can deny you just because you've not worked in 10 years. Why not take James' advice and consult an attorney? I don't know about TN, but in CA we have attorneys who specialize in Social Security Disability cases. If not SSD, try for SSI. That also comes with health insurance, I believe. I think it is Medicaid. ;-) Mara

VickieF 2011-08-19 15:18:16 -0500 Report

Yes, I did Mara. I have several things going against me. First I have a partial retirement from my first husband. Just big enough to discalify me from any help (I do mean JUST).
Next is the fact that I quit my job in 2001 to care for my parents and have had not worked since then (not able to). Also that I need to talk to my Dr. to find out if they would be willing to admit that I am unable to work. LOL The funny thing is that in 5 1/2 years my retirement thing gets dropped to $250. a month. SSI is an issue of to much income right now. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining about my income (I earned every dime of it) I do not have enough for one extra thing, but my bills are paid on time every month. I have a nice home and enough food (no treats) to get through the month.No, I am not complaining, I just find the pain hard to live with. Funny how much easier it is to help someone else deal with theirs than with my own. Very little works as I have such a high pain tolerance. So if it makes me cry the pain is very bad.

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