Salad dressings.

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I love saladswith ranch dressing. I can not stand the "Lite dressings". I ran out of ranch the other day and was so craving a chef salad. The only dressing in the house was (gross) catalina. Yuck! I went ahead and made my salad fully intent on eating it with No :( dressing at all. When I was putting the letuce away I happened to see the jar of Dill pickles. I said Humm, will it? LOL Yes I took and put a tablespoon of pickle juice drizzled over my salad. Surprise!! It was actually very good. I thought the only thing that could make it better would be to add a drizzle of olive oil, or peanut oil.
LOL Just had to share my craziness with you.

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diabetesfree 2011-07-26 09:34:34 -0500 Report

Funny, I was just buying salad dressing last night and amazingly could only find a single brand in the whole store that didn't have high fructose corn syrup as one of the main ingredients. It definitely pays to check the labels.

Copperchef 2011-07-26 07:57:52 -0500 Report

I make my own, simple and easy. 1 packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix, 1cup good light Mayo(here it is Helman's) and 1 cup cultured lowfat buttermilk. It is rich creamy, low carb, low calorie and delicious. Keeps about four to five days. I keep a couple of envelopes in the pantry at all times.

Type1Lou 2011-07-25 17:06:53 -0500 Report

If you read the labels, most of the lite dressings have more carbs than the regular dressings. Usually, the Italian, or vinegar & oil type dressings have the fewest carbs..2 to 3g per serving. I try not to buy the low-fat or no-fat versions but sometimes, my husband sneaks some in…but he can eat it all by himself! Actually, making your own dressings with either vinegar or lemon juice, a little bit of oil and some herbs and spices (as you found out) can be a great culinary (and healthy) adventure! Bon Appetit!

VickieF 2011-07-26 21:28:00 -0500 Report

Is that not amazing that the sugar free or no sugar added stuff is higher in carbs? I have noticed that with a lot of food stuff.

alternative1 2011-07-25 05:59:18 -0500 Report

well vickie. balsamic vinegar is excellent. so is apple cidar vinegar. and olive oile is great with red wine vinegar.. the other dressings are to fattening. ..

VickieF 2011-07-26 21:24:35 -0500 Report

Darn end of the month. I am so hungery for another salad and trying a new UMM ME type dressing. LOL

jayabee52 2011-07-24 23:38:57 -0500 Report

I like basalmic vinagarette on my salads. The vinegar has the added benefit of bringing down my BG numbers just a little

VickieF 2011-07-25 04:27:50 -0500 Report

I was thinking about the basalmic vinagarette and olive oil when I tried the pickle juice. I thought maybe it would be similar. It was not as tart, but with just a spoon on the salad it was tasty and not really much of a pickle taste at all.

dfinch 2011-07-24 21:22:11 -0500 Report

I use lemon juice or lime juice, fresh squeezed and that is also good. I also like olive oil and vinegar. I have also used the juice from peppers and pickled okra. I can not eat dairy products so my favorite ranch dressing is out. But we have to find flavor somewhere. LOL

50Jewels 2011-07-24 19:03:35 -0500 Report

That sounds pretty good. I too am a ranch lover. I also hate the "Lite Dressings" they all have an off flavor. I found that I can either take low fat cottage cheese or plain yogurt and blend in celantro. Let it set a couple of hours and it is done. It is flavorful enough to only need a little and it satisfies my craving for ranch because it is creamy.

VickieF 2011-07-25 04:34:21 -0500 Report

The plain yogurt and ranch dressing gave me another idea. lol I think I will have to get a package of ranch dressing powder and mix some in plain yogurt. Should be good. LOL

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