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Well, I got all test results back and my thyroid is fine and my pituitary gland is also fine. My a1c was 5.6, super cool. However, my endo didn't like the look of my ovaries on my ct so I am having another mri of my pelvis done tomorrow. She did change my meds. I am now taking 500mg of metformin 2x's aday instead if the glipized. I gained 4lbs in 3 weeks, and she believes that it is from the glipized. She change my lisinopril to spironolactone. I have a uti so antibotics for that. And I have been sick as hell since friday, I think from the combo of all my new meds and my old ones. Throwing up atleast 3 times a day and we won't even mention the other end. Although I am kinda thinking I might have food poisining. Haven't been able to keep anything down for 3 days now. So I'm not doing all that great as of now. But hoping to get better soon.

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vgarrison 2008-10-19 09:57:29 -0500 Report

5.6 is AWSOME!! WTG!!!…I hope everything turns out well with your ovaries, and at least this MRI is only the lower area instead of all…

I hope you feel better soon, I know I hate to be sick…it just sucks.

Take Care
Blessed Be

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