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I was diagnosed with diabetes when i was 6 years old. I am type 1. How can someone be struggling emotionally with this after 20 years? I am 26 years old now. Its still hard for me. It felt like my life was cut short. Last year, i was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. I stay skinny, but i am tired all the time! I would rather quit working and never crawl out of bed!! Both diseases run in the family! I hate telling people. They ask all these questions and ask me if i do drugs since i do shots! Arrgggg!!

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Harlen 2011-07-23 18:32:17 -0500 Report

Anything we can blame works , One frend I know lost his right hand at 4 years old
one day he asked me why was his life cut so short why did he have to be the one
to have only one hand . Thinking it over I only came up with this -Why not you ?
then I asked him didnt he love his wife he sed yes ,your two kids he sed yes do you like your job he sed yes than what are you asking ???????????
Your life is yours
As for doing drugs look them streat in the eye and ask do you wont a hit ???
Best wishes

NedraC2 2011-07-24 08:46:03 -0500 Report

I love that answer. I will read ur response when i feel down on myself. What really doesnt feel so good is the depression that comes along with having an overactive thyroid, but i have been reading something very interesting. Tiger Woods had to keep posting notecards all over his house. These notecards were words of positive reinforcement to tell himself that he would make it. I love that. I do that at work. I should try my home too.

GabbyPA 2011-07-24 08:17:20 -0500 Report

Harlen, that is very profound. I think I will use that when I am feeling sorry for myself. What a way to look at things.

GabbyPA 2011-07-23 08:46:16 -0500 Report

It can be such a trial to deal with disease that others don't understand. They come to their own conclusions without even asking and it is kind of a point of irritation. They often mean well, but it doesn't always pan out that way unfortunately.

Have you talked to your doctor about taking some B complex or B-12 vitamins? Those can boost your energy levels. Getting that glucose into your cells is important too, but I imagine the hyperactive thyroid is a pain with that. My husband's sister had that and she opted to have her thyroid killed and she takes synthroid now. It was a better option for her, as she was always way to skinny.

NedraC2 2011-07-23 08:58:32 -0500 Report

My doctor wants me to take the radioactive iodine, but of course when the estrogen levels go down, the testosterone goes up! You know what that means! Hair in weird places! Ewww! I also read that i will get fat in about a year. I told her what i had been reading and she told me there are supplements that will even it out! I like my figure! I would also like to have kids one day! My friend has an underactive thyroid. Was diagnosed maybe 2 or 3 months before she got pregnant.