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i am i am a diabetic with several other health issues as well. I really want to eat healthy and do things but the other things wrong with me confuse me. Not sure if it is sugar or not and when I check it is not sugar. Everyone else says it is.

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Gemm 2011-07-23 10:24:54 -0500 Report

Growing up I always heard diabetes referred to as sugar or sugar diabetes and people really did believe that eating too much sugar was what caused it. Today we know that isn't true though we do have problems with processing sugars in our bodies. What Ray gave as eating tips are good. I had to make many of those choices before being diagnosed as diabetic because of other health problems. Sometimes it does seem confusing as to what I need to eat for this or that but the bottom line is - if I make the healthy choices not the quick and easy ones I'm making the right ones. That may mean more work in the kitchen but in the long run it is actually cheaper and more healthy than some of the other choices - making things from scratch rather than out of a box - choosing whole grains over white processed breads, pastas, rice etc. I could go on for a couple of hours here but think that you get the picture. One thing I would recommend for anyone with any health problems that need to make dietary changes is to talk to a nutritionist at a local hospital or one their doctor can direct them to. We have a great one here that we can go to most any time for answers when we need them (benefit of a smaller city :) )


lorene1212 2011-08-27 22:39:55 -0500 Report

I am so sorry new to this site and did not know i began a discussion. Thank you so much for your reply and things are going a bit better Gemm. Thank you for the hugs also.

RAYT721 2011-07-23 06:47:24 -0500 Report

Hello and Welcome to our community! There are many symptoms of diabetes that can cause other health issues and some health issues that can flair glucose (ie stress, food and drink choices, etc) but I think what you're addressing here is the topic of eating and living healthier, which is great whether you are diabetic or not.

When you set a goal for a healthier life it is best to follow it up with an action plan. There are many simple swaps that you can make in your life to help all of the medical conditions that you are facing. Be aware that some foods, vitamins and medications do not mix well. The help of a physician, dietitian and/or pharmacist can help you avoid issues with your health. Having a positive attitude can also help you focus on a happier life and healthier lifestyle.

So think about the things that are within your control like what you eat and when you eat. Realize that keeping your sugars under control is not about starvation but rather about making healthier choices and eating less food more often. The action plan I mentioned above should include exercise that is suited for what you can do. So many times the word "exercise" baffles people into picturing themselves in marathon runs or working out in sweatclothes with headbands. The truth: exercise can be walking, cleaning house, square dancing or even chair dancing. :)

Healthier eating comes from healthier choices of food: swap sugared soft drinks for lower cal beverages (water anyone?), brown rice instead of white, lower carb pasta or tortillas, and don't forget to add more fruits, vegetables and other sources of fiber. Start reading food and recipe labels more closely and understand that you still need to balance calories, fat, proteins, carbs and especially vitamins. Think of your food as an allowance and spend wisely. (Note: check out www.netrition.com for a mail order source for lower carb food choices and supplements - again, watch for allergies and conflicts).

There is no doubt that diabetes is a confusing disease itself let alone combined with other ailments and illnesses. Start out your healthier living plan with simple steps. Slow and steady wins the race. You don't have to change your life 360 overnight so take your time and realize you CAN win. We're here for you, encouraging you all of the way.

lorene1212 2011-08-27 22:48:42 -0500 Report

RayT721! Hi I am so sorry new to the site and did not realize I had began a discussion. LOL. I agree with all you said. Diabetes was diagnosed with me about 5-6 years ago. Other conditions were gee a long time ago. HIV was july 18, 1989. I have COPD, scerosis of liver, (never drank either) and several others as well. I agree choosing the right eating patterns is healthier for me all the way around. Also, what I can do I do. Going to be going through a lot of testing RayT721, and just have to take it a day at a time. My sugars have been really good since I joined this site, believe it or not. Before they were up near 200's or over. Now mostly under 150. Very pleased because I really try with the things that I am able to get. I use food pantry's because money is a major factor. One of these food pantry's gives vegetables, so blanched them and froze them. Eat them for breakfast sometimes. Love vegetables. Thank you so much for all you said. Even thou I just saw it I still got from it and appreciate it all you said so much. Thank you and hugs to you..


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