Your Lifestyle, Daily Routines Affect Your Diabetes

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When it comes to diabetes mangement, blood sugar control is the main theme. Keeping your levels within your target range can help you live a long and healthy life.
FOOD- healthy eating is the cornerstone of any diabetes management plan. It's not just what you eat that affects your levels. How much you eat and when you eat matters, too.
KEEP a SCHEDULE-You can help lessen the amount of change in your blood glucose levels if you eat at the same time every day, or eat several small meals or eat healthy snacks at regular times in between meals.
MAKE YOUR MEALS WELL BALANCED-Choose the right mix of starches, fruit, vegetables, proteins and fats. Important to eat about the same amount of carbs at each meal/snack because they have big effect on bg levels. Eat right amount of food - use portion size- ck with your dr or dietician as what is right for you.
EXERCISE-when you do this you use sugar (glucose) for energy. Activity lowers your blood glucose levels.
STAY HYDRATED-affects your bg levels.
MEDICATION- is needed to lower bg levels when diet/exercise aren't sufficient to control your diabetes.

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