electromyogram test

By irene11 Latest Reply 2011-07-20 23:23:09 -0500
Started 2011-07-20 11:49:26 -0500

im having this test on monday
what is this test
will it hurt
will it take a long time
what do you know about this test
any info will help

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Harlen 2011-07-20 12:01:34 -0500 Report

First it dont hurt at all and it takes a little time but not overly long
I have had it before
Best wishes

Harlen 2011-07-20 15:22:54 -0500 Report

Had it three times the last two where for my hands I had carpeltunel hands much better now ,had them both fixed lol

irene11 2011-07-20 20:47:43 -0500 Report

thanks for the info-i will let you know how i make out
i just been having a real hard time standing and walking at work
i might have t take a leave from my jobs
i dont know how im going to pay for my bills i have a little money saved
i have work all my life-been working 70 to 80 hours aweek working 3 jobs for the past 5 yrs now im in alot of pain my feet and legs
and now my hands
i hope this test will let me know whats going on

Harlen 2011-07-20 23:23:09 -0500 Report

It will and please let me know how your doing ok
There is a lot of things that can make you fell poorly
I would check for Med interactions too
Best wishes

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