Weather......Heat wave of 2011

By shoulders Latest Reply 2011-07-20 16:36:25 -0500
Started 2011-07-19 21:13:51 -0500

This heat has taken another persons life, cause they didn't have a fan or a/c in their apartment. Each year we loss so many elderly people due to the heat for no reason at all. Why can't we just check on one another, loved ones, and our neighbors. Make sure they have fans and a/c that are up and working? And how does this heat react to those of us that are diabetics? Or any other illness. I just fell so overwhelmed and extremely over heated, that it makes me want to sleep, get angry. How does it affect you?

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edvel54 2011-07-20 16:36:25 -0500 Report

When we moved to Nevada, the 1st summer I thought that I would die, it was so HOT. But I have adjusted to the heat here. Once it hit 100 degrees it all feels the same, whether it is 100 or 115 It is like a dry blast furnace. It has been as high as 117 this summer. I don't like the cold. I have my thermostat set on 90 and usually have the ceiling fans on. If you need to get out of the heat..go to the mall, library, indoor pool, casino, restaurant or a friends house..don't sit around and cry because it is hot. Drink plenty of water.preferably room cold drinks are not good for you.
I have had diabetes in cold climate and in hot climates and there doesn't seem to be a difference in my treatment or in my BS control.

lmb2749 2011-07-20 00:20:09 -0500 Report

Well, I can barely tolerate the heat. I try to stay in the coolest place I can find. I don't have strong enough a/c's in my living room or kitchen so I spend most of my time in my bedroom with the a/c on full blast plus a fan blowing right on me. I have COPD, heart disease and of course the diabetes. And I have never been able to stand the hot weather. I've had two heat strokes, I worry about having another. I have lived in Texas all my life but the older I get the harder it gets to stay comfortable. I am easily angered in the heat also. Very short tempered and don't have time to waste on things that upset me. I find myself trying to avoid spending too much time with other people. I guess some of us just aren't very nice when we get hot, huh? I should just speak for myself. ;=)