how long it took for you to get it under control your diabeties and what di you do to get it under control

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i was told i diabetes in april 2009 . this is what i did to get mine under control
put on low cal and carb diet exerise lost weight put on meds started out taking 1 pill then put on a other of the same kind about 2 months later. my ac1 started out at 8.2. by sept 2009 it was down to 5.6.then by june 2010 i was taken off one of the pillsi was ac1 is currently at 5.4 as of april 2011.having thyriod problems can be a challenge in keeping your weight under control. so there for keeping your in control helps keep your diabetes in control to. i told i had an inactive thyriod was i was told i had diabetes back in april april 2011 i was told i have graves diease which makes your thyriod over active. lifes full of suprises when it comes to your health.

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JoleneAL 2011-07-20 08:48:49 -0500 Report

I have had issues off and on, trying to get straight again. On certain meds, off them, switched to another, off them - added this and that. Now I'm on 1000mg metformin x2 daily, 10units Lantus daily, and Novolog as needed for my T2.

Yes, the thyroid can be an issue. I do not have one as it was removed in 2000. It took me a year to get on the right medication and it has been stable since. My best advised to you on the thyriod is FIGHT to get treated properly. I had to pay for my own labs to determine my main problem, and then pay for a doctor that treated me with the right medication. If you haven't yet found the site, is where I learned how to fight for and get what I needed.

Good Luck!

ralph92 2011-07-20 00:35:49 -0500 Report

I have had diabetes for 26 years. I never had a problem with it until this year.
I am now gaining control over it again. My Ac1 is currently 5.9 which is the highest it has been in yearsi

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