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By Pappy03 Latest Reply 2011-07-20 13:46:51 -0500
Started 2011-07-17 23:04:56 -0500

Does diet soft drinks affect BS. Doctor told me I could drink Diet drinks, but I was concerned about aspartame in drinks and it's ability to fool the body into thinking it was sugar.

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Mistletoe 2011-07-20 13:46:51 -0500 Report

I like Splenda especially in my iced tea and use sugar-free powdered creamer for my coffee. I also use Splenda for baking…I just like to have a cookie once in awhile, so I make them with Splenda and use applesauce for the oil…tastes great!

Copperchef 2011-07-18 06:49:14 -0500 Report

I stopped drinking diet soda a long time ago. I have come to enjoy naturally brewed ice tea. Not instant(yuk!). I have noticed that by using a slice of lemon or lime, that it makes for a very refreshing beverage. My numbers are never affected by iced tea. Oh, by the way, no sugar or artificial sweeteners either, just tea and citrus.

JoleneAL 2011-07-18 06:31:29 -0500 Report

I drink diet sodas, about 2 a day, and use substitute in my coffee, and after testing to see if it effects my readings, I have found it doesn't. Its all trial and error with each person. Milk products don't bother me either, but yet again - I don't consume them in large quantities either.

jayabee52 2011-07-18 00:02:00 -0500 Report

As a personal preference I do not consume anything which has subsititute sugar in it, whether it is "natural" or man made. I believe that consuming something sweet which has no carbohydrates in it fools the body into thinking it is getting something sweet, and if there is not a rise in the blood glucose numbers to shut it off, your body (over)eats until the center is satiated. So the diet sodas do not affect the Blood Glucose levels DIRECTLY but with the extra food consumed in a more round about fashion.

CaliKo 2011-07-17 23:23:20 -0500 Report

Opinions are all over the place on that one, but I choose not to drink soda of any kind. Except maybe when I'm sick, sometimes a 7Up will make me feel better and give me required carbs when I don't feel like eating. We probably all have favorites that we work into our meal plan, just depends on how important it is to you. Good luck!

Cookie Roma
Cookie Roma 2011-07-18 12:31:19 -0500 Report

I agree. I believe the main thing is for everyone to trust their meter. What works just fine for me(as shown by ny meter) may be terrible for you (as shown by your meter). This is the part where our personal responsibility comes in. We can't manage "our" diabetes with someone elses plan.

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