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I am not one of those Extreme Couponers you've seen on TV but I am all about the concept of helping to cut costs when possible by ethically using coupons to help my dollars stretch. I just wanted to share a few things with you in the hopes that you, too, can learn a few new tricks about "match ups."

I don't know where the phrase "match ups" come from but the process involves checking out sale fliers and combining them with store coupons, manufacturer coupons, and/or rewards coupons (like CVS bucks or Walgreen Register Rewards) to match up discounts for additional savings.

I have been collecting bookmarks lately from various sites including Facebook that help take the work out of finding those weekly match ups. One such recent link comes from the a website called A Few Shortcuts.

In this particular transaction you will find some of the weekly Walgreen store match ups. Please be sure to adhere to the store coupon policies to be fair to the merchant and other shoppers. It is abuse of these policies that make some of the Extreme Couponers look like greedy hoarders of products they seem to collect rather than use.

Other sites you may be interested in include;; and

I was first made aware of these sites when I worked part-time at a Walgreens store. I would often be amazed by consumers who would leave the store with bags of merchandise and after handing me coupons and rewards and change from the bottom of their purses or pockets. "How on earth do you learn this?" I would ask and walk away with a number of frugal living website addresses.

These days more than ever, it's important to learn ways to save. I hope this discussion will show you a few tricks and would certainly welcome any similar sites in your bag of tricks.

Money Matters … it certainly does!

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