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I'm type 2 diabetic. My blood glucose when I get up or when before a meal has been around 104 to 109. I usually check my blood before a meal and after a meal. This time, I decided to see what my blood glucose was before and after I eat a dessert. My blood sugar was 105 and after I had 4 "sugar free" cookies and a 8oz glass of milk, it went up to 155 after 2 hours of eating it. I decided to do a test.(blood glucose 103) I had 4 Otis spunkmyer (sp?) and a 8 oz glass of milk and it didn't raise it at all, in fact, it lowered it to 90. Now either my meter is broken or something weird happened. Could it be that "sugar alcohol" is my enemy? Also, I have cut all sweets out of my diet. TBH, I had 3 strawberries last night along with two cookies and a mini lemon poppy seed muffin and once again, my sugar went up only 20 higher from my reading two hours before. And today was the first time that I woke up and my blood glucose was 89.

My A1c before was 7.0 and now my A1c is 5.7.

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Everybody reacts differently to foods. Milk doesn't bother me at all, but for some people its a no-no.

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