Type 2 on Insulin and Oral Meds - Shouldn't my numbers be lower?

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I go to a community clinic and only get to see a nurse practitioner. She is concerned that I am not responding to her "normal" regime and is sending me to a endo doctor. Over the last 3 months she has put me on Metformine/glyburide (1 a day), Metformine EX Release/Glyburide (2 a day), Glyburide only (4 a day), Glyburide/Actos, now Actos and Levimir Insulin (40 units as of now). Three months ago I started out with neurapathy on my feet. Now the tops of my thighs are burning too. I'm up to 1800 mg. of neurontin a day and lots of icy hot gel to take the burn out. My BG this week are in the 200's fasting and 400's in the evening. They seem to be getting higher the more insulin I take. Can that be possible? I have felt terrible the past few months. I'm truly hoping this new doctor can shed some light on what is going on with me! I'm eating on the light side and have put on 10 pounds over the last two months. Anyone have any thoughts!

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jayabee52 2011-07-14 07:41:44 -0500 Report

My thought is that you either have some kind of low level infection that is not being detected, or your intake of carbs might be out of line.

How are your teeth? One of our members here on DC couldn't get her Blood Glucose readings under control until she had her teeth pulled. She had an infection in her teeth which needed to be addressed before her BG numbers would get under control. Now it is almost as if she wasn't a person with diabetes. Your teeth may not be the culprit, but it is worth getting a general check over to see what, if anything, might be wrong

In my case, I struggled with my BG numbers and couldn't get them normalized no matter what medication I tried. In my case I was I can keep my BGs very close to the normal range without the use of any medications. It takes a bit of dedication to follow the regimen, but it is worth it for me.

These are only a couple lines of investigation you might take. These are not the only lines. I pray you find whatever it is which is keeping your BG readings up.

Blessings to you and yours


JoleneAL 2011-07-14 04:31:37 -0500 Report

Normal for one person is not necessarily normal for others. I take 1000mg x2 daily of metformin; 10 units of Lantus daily; and Novolog as needed, or 5 units at each meal. That is "my" normal. You may need more, less, different doses at different times. Keep checking your BGs and record them for the endo. Also, how are you managing your food intake? I was worried when I went on the Novolog I would gain weight, but I watch my carb intake and haven't gained any weight at all.