Can anyone tell me what is low for blood pressure?

By Gimpalong Latest Reply 2011-07-16 21:41:52 -0500
Started 2011-07-13 23:04:38 -0500

I went to the doctor on Monday to have him check my blood sugars and see how I was handling the diabetes numbers. The nurse took my blood pressure and it was 112/50. I've been having dizziness, brain fog, etc. My BS's have been running 89-123. I had lost 14 more pounds. Has anyone else experienced this

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mmccance 2011-07-16 21:41:52 -0500 Report

Hi Gimpalong, These are the kinds of questions that should be directed to your doctor. Some insurance plans have a nurses hot line that you can call for information, too, and they will give you good advice and directions. I am not a doctor but I know that "average" blood pressure is 120/80, although I'm reading that some doctors are now saying that 110/70 is a good goal for those with high BP. I hope you have called your doctor by now and gotten the help you need.