peripheal neuropathy

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i have had diabetes for at least 5 yrs
i have neuropathy for the past 3 yrs
scince dec 2010 i have lost 40 pounds
oh and for the past 4 months my eye sight is poor
i cant stand for a very long time and have a hard time walking
i had to cut my hours back im a clerk and cant stand for 8 hours a day
im down to 13 hours a week
im 53
i just got a handicap plate
but even working 13 hours im still in pain
i was told maybe i can go on ssi
i have all mt qts in
i have paid into this all my life
what do i do?
were do you start?
does any one get ssi for these reason?
i thought if i lost weight things will get better but thats not happenig

any help will help
dont know what to do

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shoulders 2011-07-11 21:55:30 -0500 Report

Hello,Yes several of us have neuropathy, checkout another disscussion about foot neuropathy. The pain and the chance of more problems with this neuropathy. Cynthia

knit57 2011-07-11 18:24:55 -0500 Report

have just been through this and can tell you SSI & SSD are two different things. SSI is income based. You can only have $3K in assets (not counting your home), including 1 car, no 401 or I.R.A, no unemployment, no savings. SSD requires you to be totally disaabled for a minimum of 5 months. Getting it will depend upon what your Drs. say, you want the Dr. to say, "This person will never work again". You can apply for 1 or both on line at My husband is on SSD for the second time. The first time he got a rejected (he was 1A on the herat transplant) - I called my congressman. He looked into it and we were accepted the same day! This time he has Stage IV C cancer, he was approved in less than a week. Give it a shot you never know what will happen. Don't get discouraged if you get rejected, keep fighting for it. Go on the interent and start filling out the paper work ASAP.

irene11 2011-07-11 21:28:15 -0500 Report

what is ssi and what is ssd which one do you pick im lost
i have work all my life
where do you begin?

knit57 2011-07-12 08:06:26 -0500 Report

SSI is Social Security income, and SSD is Social Security Disability. Do you have a Social Security Office near you? If you do go and see them they will help you. You will need to take your last W2, and your picture I.D. If you don't have an office near you, go on line. Just type in Social Security. You can file for both SSI & SSD at the same time, if approved they will tell you how much each will pay, you pick one. SSI kicks in right now, SSD has a waiting period of 5 months - from the date you are unable to work. If you qualify, you can be on SSI until the SSD kicks in. You will need names, addresses and phone numbers of all the Drs., hospitals or clinics you have seen for your condition, and a list of all meds you take. You fill out the form, then you will get a form in the mail (or at the office) to sign so they can talk to the Drs. As soon as they have the paperwork, a Social Security person will call you to get the SSI info, they will ask you how much money you have in checking and savings, the makes, models, and year of all cars, trucks, boats you own. They will ask if you own a home or any other property, if you have any retirement plans. Bottom line is if you have more than $3,000 in assets (not counting your house you don' t get SSI.) SSD doesn't care how much you have or what you own, it is based on the fact that you can't work. It can pay until you reach retirement age. On SSI you can get food stamps and any other help you can find - Medicare becomes available after 36 months - no matter what your age is. 1st step is talking to Social Security or going on line. Don't delay start it today, it can take months to get SSD, SSI will make a decision quickly. You can call your local hopsital and ask for an appt. with the Social Worker, they can help you with paperwork and ideas for other help that is available to you.

jayabee52 2011-07-11 18:05:49 -0500 Report

How have your blood glucose readings been lately?

I am on SSI disability but I got it because of my End Stage Renal Disease where I needed to have dialysis treatments. The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) has termed Diabetes as one of the protected diseases recently, but that does not mean that a Person With Diabetes (PWD) can get a disability rating with just diabetes alone. And you may get rejected the first time. Just keep trying. You may have to get a disability lawyer to help you apply and speak on youg behalf if it goes to trial.

Praying you are approved quickly and without a lot of problem


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