How important are snacks?

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I am new to forums. I have been researching with little success the importance of snacks. I was diagnosed 6 months ago and am on lantus 24 units at night. My BG is way too high, over 300 most of the day. I did read that a suitable can control it. If I don't snack will it raise my BG level because the pancreas overreacts? Or am I getting this all wrong? I take R if it high. But I know it is damaging to be high. Just struggling to figure it out, but seems lots have this problem.

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Harlen 2011-07-10 15:34:35 -0500 Report

The same as keeping your #s good
I need to keep then high fiber snacks other typ dont work as good
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CaliKo 2011-07-10 12:57:19 -0500 Report

Part of what makes snacks a good idea is that ideally you want your blood glucose levels to remain as steady as possible throughout the day. Your snack carbs should subtract carbs from your meals, resulting in lower after meal levels. Then, instead of having a drop from going 4 or 5 hours without food, which may cause your body to release more glucose than you can handle, you have a healthy snack instead. Having 5 or 6 small meals, not more food, just spread out, may help you reach your target numbers. Good luck.