it took for me to have a dka attack,but my bg levels are down !

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i spent the past few days in the hospital…i had a dka attack. my bg levels were out of control ( over 700 is all they said when i was admitted. ) i even had keytones in my urine. when i was discharged my bg levels were running between 210 and 230…high for most people but great for me !! they made me eat way more than i normaly do and because the doctors all talk to me like they think im an expert on diabetes, im still not sure what they did to bring my bg levels down. when i tested before bed tonight my bg level was only 173 and because they normaly run so high my body reacted as though i were hypoglycimic rather than hyperglycimic and i had to drink juice to bring it up to 200 before i started to feel beter. i am so happy that my bg levels are down but isnt it harmful if it goes up and down and i have to make it go up in order to feel better ? has anyone else gone through this before ?

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jayabee52 2011-07-10 08:36:22 -0500 Report

Welcome to the Blood Glucose roller coaster, Mona. the ride nobody wants to be on.

Yes my bride Jem used to have BGs higher than our meters could read, and then have what I called "false lows" on the way down. If she wouldn't get control of her eating, she'd consume a lot of carbs and shoot back up. The only thing we really could do was check her BG readings every hour or so just in case she really did have a low, and ride the numbers down.