Diabetes is expensive

Kim Gregory
By Kim Gregory Latest Reply 2014-05-23 08:41:06 -0500
Started 2011-07-07 22:15:00 -0500

I didn't think it would be so hard getting my insurance to cover test strips, lancets, ect… It has really been a challenge. Now I have to pay for doctor visits every month. My insulin was still $95 with the insurance.

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maryh514 2014-05-23 08:41:06 -0500 Report

I was able to get help for my insulin through a company called Prescription Assistance 123. The name of the patient advocate that assisted me was Mark Brown. I am on insulin (lantus and Humalog) He signed me up for the patient assistance program through the manufacture and it was a really simple process. I receive my medications in the mail every three months. I would recommend him and this company to anyone. His number is (888) 507-9123 or his direct number is (561) 288-9044
Thanks Mark and good luck to everyone!

Shane P
Shane P 2011-07-09 19:39:02 -0500 Report

You could also check into Prescription Assistance Programs. I haven't had any luck finding any that I am qualified for but I am still looking. Also check out yourrxdiscounts.com where you can get coupons for medications. Every little bit helps.

lmkilday 2011-07-08 00:31:01 -0500 Report

Freestyle has the promise program in which you pay $15 for 50 test strips under most insurance plans. I recently had a company call me and arranged for 50 test strips with no co-pay. Check around with some of the companies that deliver diabetic supplies to see if they can get you a better deal.

Christy808 2011-07-08 00:12:56 -0500 Report

Talk to your doctor about seeing if you can get samples of supplies. I had a company named Aspire some how got my info and sent me free supplies. They did bill my insurance but I didn't have to pay anything. They sent me a free meter, strips, lancets, the works…even sent a free pack of gum…lol and then the next month got another package of strips. Hope this might help.

Bunny Cakes
Bunny Cakes 2011-07-07 22:32:57 -0500 Report

Yeah, that is one of the things that makes diabetes so hard to manage. Sometimes we can't manage well because we can't afford it rather than from the lack of wanting to be healthy.

I try to cut corners when I can but it's still hard. I use a generic meter and strips and thankfully Wal-mart's discount program helps with my meds, and I get a reduced fee at the doctor due to lack of income but even with that it's hard. $25 dollars a doctor's visit plus what ever tests they order, $40 for strips, another $20 or so for meds and vitamins really adds up when you have no income at all to speak of.

the stress of trying to cover the expenses of this disease gets me all freaked out and then my numbers go up too, which means more meds/strips/doctors visits. Sometimes it feels like we're being fined for being sick.

I'm lucky that my mother in law is helping pay my bills right now, I make up for it by taking care of her house and doing the cooking and cleaning.

Kim Gregory
Kim Gregory 2011-07-07 22:42:44 -0500 Report

Yes the $25 doctor visits. I now have to go to the doctor every month because I don't have to take my insulin anymore. I have been doing very will by managing my diet and exercising but I still have to test BS everyday. I just don't know!

veggie1962 2011-07-08 10:19:16 -0500 Report

So it sounds like no more expensive bottles of insulin for you anymore, right? If you haven't already done so, I'd check your RX plan to see what strips are "preferred" so you can get them for the lowest possible copay. It's possible you are using a non preferred strip and are paying more than you have to. Also check into getting a 3 mo supply of strips by mail order pharmacy if your RX plan offers this option. Often, you can save money by doing this.

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