Gliimepiriide Side Effects?

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Hi…Dr. has increased my Glim from 1/2 Mg twice a day to 1Mg twice a day. My glucose numbers are way down but I feel so tired most of the time and no energy or appitite. Has anyone had this effect from an increased dose of this med? I called her today & she said she didn't think it was from the increase, but was very happy with my numbers. She said maybe I have low hemoglobin & to get it checked. What can they do for that? I'm feeling like such a wimp & scared to boot. Any help would be greatly appreciated…Thanks

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jayabee52 2011-07-07 19:52:07 -0500 Report

Howdy Delores WELCOME to Diabeticconnect!

I can't speak to the question on Glimepride as I've never been on it. Here is a readout from emedicinehealth on this medication: There's a section on side effects and another on drug interactions.

Low hemoglobin,aka anemia: Here's a 3 page writeup from Mayo Clinic regarding this:

I have experienced this due to a bleeding duodenal ulcer. The fix in my case was a
6 unit transfusion of whole blood. I also had hemodialysis, which often has anemia associated with it. When I was undergoing dialysis I would regularly get a dose of epogen which helps build up the blood and also a dose of injected iron.

For less severe cases of anemia a person may be either prescibed or instructed to buy an iron suppliment OTC.

YOU ARE NOT A WIMP! A manly man will feel the same way, weak, lethargic, if his blood levels are low.

Praying you get to the bottom of your problem soon.

Blessings to you and yours