I am a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic....

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I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic 2 months ago and was put on 500mg of metformin to be taken once a day at bedtime. I was told to watch my carbohydrate intake and get in some exercise. I had knee surgery almost a year ago and have not been able to get in much exercise. I was not told to test my blood sugar on a daily basis and I have no idea how I am doing since starting the metformin. Should I be concerned that I am not checking my blood sugar periodically myself? my Ac1 was at 7.4 when I was finally diagnosed. I am also having terrible night leg cramps. Somebody please help me understand this becaude it is all so new to me.

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Welcome to the land of D/C. I, myself, don't see the problem of checking your self on a daily basis. In fact I was told by more than 1 of my drs to check at least twice a day. And I'm on 2000mgs of metformin as well as 10mgs of glipizide.

cavie2 2011-07-09 04:50:11 -0500 Report

I also take Metformin 3x850 one in the morning, one in the afternoon and the same in the evening. Most people have been told to take it after a meal as it can irritate the lining of the stomach and cause nausea, others can take it without having anything to eat. There is a list to the left of this page where you can watch videos on how to cope with your diabetes, what types of food are good or bad, recipes etc they are very informative and you can learn a lot about diabetes. There is one that explains exactly what diabetes is and does to your body and how insulin works in your body etc, try and watch some. You will also get conflicting advice but don't let that put you off. What works for one person may not work for another you just have to take time to find out what works for you. It can get you down at times what with the pricking and testing BS finger get sore, finding the money to buy meters, test strips, stick pen, insulin, lancets, needles, having insurance etc. They say that most diabetics suffer from depression but I think that is understandable. This site is one of the busiest and most popular ones out of all the connect sites and you will find a bunch of people willing to give you time, support, help, encouragement and lots of laughs in the discussions as well. I don't know anyone who doesn't love being on this site just for the company and support alone its worth its weight in gold. lots of luck. lol

George1947 2011-07-08 18:53:30 -0500 Report

Welcome to the club, sorry you qualify… I started out on metformin in 1998, but my endo gave me a meter and taught me how to use it at that time. You need to know where you are in order to know where you're going… No one expects explorers to go into the desert without a compass or, now, a GPS. How can the expect a new diabetic to learn how their body deals with carbs.

Rattler77 2011-07-08 23:12:26 -0500 Report

Thank you so much for painting me such a clear picture! You have really just made the light bulb come on. I will try to get into some type of diabetes education class as soon as I can. Are you still on metformin and how have you been dealing with your diabetes?

George1947 2011-07-09 01:38:10 -0500 Report

I take 2000 mg of metformin every day, 1000 in the am and 1000 in the pm. I also take amaryl am and pm, and I take 25 units of Lantus am and pm, and Humalog as needed with meals.

I also have to deal with thyroid cancer and a totally missing thyroid. I take meds for that and for an enlarged prostate, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and allergies.

I just take it one day at a time…

Christy808 2011-07-07 18:39:54 -0500 Report

I have to agree with the others. It is very important to check your BG readings. You need to probably go to a diabetic educator as well to help you. You need to have the support of not only family and friends but from your physician as well. Good luck.

Rattler77 2011-07-07 21:29:05 -0500 Report

Thank you! I called for an appointment to see my primary care doctor today and will be seeing him in another week.

jayabee52 2011-07-07 00:17:01 -0500 Report

Howdy Rattler! WELCOME to DC!
I think you should be concerned that you are not checking your Blood Glucose (BG) readings AT LEAST 3 times a day: #1 when you firist get up ("fasting") #2, 2 hrs after a meal of your choice, #3. just prior to bedtime.

To put you on a diabetes med, and not instruct you to check your BG readings is almost malpractice in my mind. A1c tests only gives you an average measure of what your BG levels have been the past 90 days. A lot of things could happen in 90 days.

RE: your leg cramps, they could be symptoms of something so minor as you are overworking your muscles, to something more serious as you being low on Potassium, which is essential for heart and muscle functioning OR even symptoms of problems with your kidneys which could lead to dialysis. Please get these checked out soon.

Rattler77 2011-07-07 00:54:25 -0500 Report

Thanks for your insight. I have spoken to several T2 patients and thay all check their BG daily. I will be calling my doctor ASAP. I am scheduled to go back to him after 90 days are up. He did not seem to concerned because my A1c level was relatively low.

JoleneAL 2011-07-07 09:28:37 -0500 Report

Welcome! I would be very concerned about a doctor saying you don't need to test. Mine told me at least twice a day and when I felt "off". I agree about the carbs and exercise (can you swim?), but concerned about his/her lack of concern about BG levels!! Thankfully, meters are fairly cheap at various drug stores, and if you search on Amazon.com, strips can be pretty cheap too.

Good luck and welcome to DC!