Why when you need help to get those things you need for your Diabets there is noone out there for you

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In 2005 I went into the hospital for my lungs and I found out I have COPD and when I got out I couldn't work for almost 2 years and I went to everyone and I could not get help what do you do I live in Alabama now and I still have no help Im getting older and people say to apply for disablity but I don't think that that is something that I can get I got it for only the time I could not work after I was out of the hospital but that was only for a years then it stoped and when I went to apply here in Alabama I have no luck there also so what do you do to get the help you need I know that I can not work anymore I can't stand for to long and I can't walk or be on my feet or legs for to long tthey just hurt to much and because I don't work and have no insurance that is the problem I seem to have.

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NavyNerd 2011-07-06 19:28:59 -0500 Report

I would suggest trying for it anyhow and appealing if they deny.. I knwo people who shoudl have been no brainers but had to apply 3 times. I really thought I would get turned down when I applied and it went through in a mindbending matter of less than 6 months from the day I got the forms to my first disability check. (In retrospect it makes me feel pretty broken down LOL) My best suggestion is document EVERYTHING. I had volumes of stuff, I didn't realize there was near that much till I got started. Also check with local free clinics for help. My mom worked wiuth one and she helped people who had no coverage get help directly from pharmaceutical companies, and through state programs. She worked for a free/low cost health clinic specifically to meet your kind of need.

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