dieabetes educators promote healthy eating

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well i went to one of the meetings couple yrs back. and found my self watching one of them eating a white bagel. well anyway i thought they want us to eat wholewheat verses white stuff. in my eyes this looks bad best part was she was pregant and eating white bagels.one more thing here she said she had family history of type 1 diabetes.the relative was a cousin.fine she doesn't like wholewheat items well she could of aten something at least was healthy

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GabbyPA 2011-07-05 07:41:03 -0500 Report

You will hear this a million times, but every one is different. I agree, example wise, she may not have been setting the best example. However, it may have also been that have you checked to see what is in a whole wheat bagel? There can be a lot of hidden sugars in there and perhaps the white bagel was lower in carbs.

Reading labels is your best friend and just like when you don't appreciate people jumping to conclusions when you are eating certain foods, we may need to practice what we preach as well.

I know my diabetes educator brought in sugar free drinks and fruit for our classes. Well, I don't eat sugar free anything and eating just a fruit, eve if it is a single carb serving, is not ideal, as there is nothing to slow that conversion down. So I guess it is all a quandary, and we have to do for ourselves what we know works. Even if it doesn't look like it would.

Copperchef 2011-07-03 09:41:39 -0500 Report

There are still people out there who profess to the old adage of, Do as I say not as I do. In reality, they should be leading by example and setting good ones by showing the way. I read a different article on this disease everyday. I have found that even the so called experts have a hard time agreeing, but find that the people who have the disease make for better sources than some of the experts.