Anemia and Diabetes

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Started 2011-07-02 16:16:26 -0500

Has anyone ever had the problem of being anemic and also being a diabetic? I found out yesterday that I am evidently anemic or am still anemic as I was anemic back in the winter and early Spring and was taking iron but the script ran out and I was overdue for blood work but now the results are back and I am evidently anemic. As of right now I am supposed to call the Dr. office as soon as I can and I don't have a clue as to what they will tell me about this but I figure I will be going back on iron again.

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CaliKo 2011-07-03 16:44:10 -0500 Report

My Dad is going through this right now. T2 diabetic for about 35 years. After several tests, they determined he has four stomach ulcers and are treating to heal those ulcers. The blood loss was causing the anemia. They are also testing to see if he has some type of bacteria in his stomach that may be causing or contributing to the ulcers, but most likely it's because he takes a full strength aspirin everyday (for years) for his heart condition. They are not taking away the aspirin, but adding a prescription strength antacid to coat the stomach.
I hope they get your situation figured out soon. Good luck.

re1ndeer 2011-07-03 16:18:35 -0500 Report

Yes, I've been anemic and I have diabetes. My doctor had told me I was so severely anemic that I need a blood transfusion. I did have the blood transfusion, they administered 2 pints of whole blood to me. I became anemic do to stomach issues (UC) and I was losing quite alot of blood. I'm now checked every 6 months to see how I'm doing. They did not put me on iron pills.

birch21 2011-07-03 23:21:16 -0500 Report

Thanks to both of you for your insight. I don't know what is causing my anemia but I do have to call the doctor and see what they are thinking. I also deal with IBS and I know that I have a hiatal hernia but I also take the generic version of prilosec so I really don't know what is going on, but I am evidently losing blood somewhere. My Doctor's office will not be open until Tuesday so I will have to wait until then to find out anything but I will be sure and let you know what and when I find out something. Thanks again for both of your answers. I am quite concerned but as of now don't know what to do but just wait until Tuesday and see what they say.