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has anyone heard of or tried bee venom theropy for severe pain? ive researched it a little on line and it seems 50/50 as to wether or not it works. i have severe neuropothy and most often than not the pain is unbearable. just looking for a little relief and because of the expence of bee venom theropy im wondering if anyone has any testimonies about the use of it or know someone who does or has used it.any comments would be greatly appreciated. : )

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To find bee venom just google "apitoxin medical grade" apitoxin is the latin name for bee venom.

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Howdy Mona
My father and I were apiculturists (no, not keepers of apes as the word might sound like but bee keepers) when I was in my teenage years and over the years we both were stung numerous times. We had been stung so much that we were immune to the swelling and red welt which normally accompanies the area around a bee sting.

I don't know how much the recommended dose is for pain relief, or if it is supposedly is supposed to be effective for general pain relief or specific types of pain relief. My dad suffered severe osteoarthritis which was slowly crippling him up until his death from complications of a gunshot accident at age 47. I had been also immunized to bee venom as a teenager and I also had osteoarthritis pain, and still have it intermittently in my knee, hip and lower back. Furthermore I have had Diabetic neuropathy pain which feels like it is burning from my knees to my toes. The last beesting I had gotten was sometime in 1998 (3 years after my Dx), and my reaction to that was my immunity to bee venom was still in effect.

So for this Person with Diabetes at least, the bee venom theory is a bust. But as we PWDs are all physiolically different it may work differently for you.

Some warnings:
I must note however, There are some people who are highly allergic to bee venom.

My first wife went into anaphalyctic shock and her throat started closing up when she was stung as a child. Fortunately she was close enough to an ER and they were able to give her medicine to counteract the shock and reduce the swelling in her throat. So should you pursue this bee venom "therapy" be aware that this or other allergic side effects may exhibit themselves.

And I have heard anectdotes of a person or even a large animal being stung so many times that they died from the sudden buildup of venom. Even someone with immunity to the effects of venom in one or two stings may not be completely from the effects of hundreds or thousands of stings.

Graylin Bee
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I too would do alot of research before trying bee venom. I have only been stung once. A honey bee was sleeping under a rose and I grabbed it by accident when I was pruning off the spent blooms. My hand was swollen for most of a week. One of my great uncles used to track the wild bees to gather honey. One day he did not return home. Some of his children found him dead in a tree. They think he had died from being stung.