is it just me?

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having type 1 diabetes has always been scary for me,but over the past 3 yrs. many other health conditions have developed for me too. some due to complications of diabetes and some not. the biggest concern for me other than diabetes is the neuropothy caused by poor management of my bg's. i have had it for only 2 yrs. and already walk with the assistance of a cane. my dr. recomended at my appointment today that i concider the use of a scooter. my qol is fairly low now…using a cane at 34yrs. old is kind of scared that using a scooter might make me feel even more ashamed of my condition. does anyone else out there ever feel ashamed or akward because of their condition? is feeling like this normal or is it just me?

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jayabee52 2011-07-01 08:17:12 -0500 Report

Hey Mona
I use a cane frequently for intermediate distances, and a wheeled walker for longer distances because I get tired easily. I can sit down when I feel the need to no matter where I am.

I do admit to feeling a twinge of awkward guilt and or shame at my age of 59 when I should be more able bodied. From the outside I LOOK able bodied, but because of my Kidney issues, my energy level is quite low, and due to my diabetic neuropathy I have burning pain when I walk. However I have not yet comletely given up, and don't plan to as long as I can maintain my ability to walk somehow.

But things are what they are. People who love me will still love me no matter how I get around, and people who want to look down on me will find reasons to do so even if I am fit and able bodied. I suspect it should be that way with you too, even at 34 years. Those folks who love you will still love you if you have to use a scooter to get to them. In fact it might be a good thing, because you won't be as tired from struggling to get there when you do get there.

So don't feel bad in doing what you feel you need to do. But I would encourage you to get some exercise to stay in condition, and help with your glucose control.

Best regards