counting carbs??

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hello everyone !! i have read in alot of disscusions lately about people counting carbs to help manage bg levels. mine are out of control,almost always high. i would like to lower the carbs in my diet,especialy if it would help lower my bg levels…just one problem…i have no clue how to count carbs or even how many carbs are healthy for me. does anyone know of any books that might help me learn,or maybe someone out there that can explain to me how to count carbs? i am type 1,however i wasnt diagnosed until i was 26.i am turning 34 on saturday,so ive been dealing with this for almost 8 years with no help or support from anyone.i am so happy to have found this family!!!! is there anyone out there that has any suggestions?

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lmkilday 2011-07-03 17:57:55 -0500 Report

The Diabetes Carbohydrade & Fat Gram Guide by Lee Ann Holzmeister, RD. It's a paperback book with foods listed by category and the carb count, calorie count, fat grams, sodium content.

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