8 grams is that it?

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Hi everyone who has had more experience than me with diabetes. My daughter is trying to help pme with my diet. She calculated that I could only eat 1400 caleries a day and only 8 grams of carbs in any one meal (6 meals per day). Does this sound correct? I can deal with the 1400 calories but I am finding it difficult to limit the carbs to 8 grams a meal. Help! I want to beat this thing but I don't know what to eat.

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Armourer 2011-07-03 19:05:46 -0500 Report

I was educated to have 30-60 grams of carbs per meal, and 15 grams in a snack. I've learned that for ME this is to much carb and try to half it.

digitaldoorbell 2011-07-03 12:05:32 -0500 Report

This is really interesting to me. I did attend a diabetes nutrition class and followed only broad guidelines. Now I make sure that my carbs are low but I don't count other than averages. I try to keep it to about 20-40 per day. I've had good luck and had my third consecutive A1C at 5.6 or lower. Perhaps per meal is the way to go, at this point I just always watch what I eat and read labels.

Good luck

MrsCDogg 2011-07-03 07:12:42 -0500 Report

When I got my diabetes education when I was first diagnosed here is what she told me. 1400 calories, 60g of carbs at each meal, and 30 for a snack at bedtime. It's going to be really hard to just eat 8 g of carbs per meal. A nice big salad could put you over that.

Ralph 2011-07-02 18:38:25 -0500 Report

I took classes at my local hospital and with the meds that I take I have to intake a certain amount of carbs at least. I am 58 and weigh 225. I was told to be sure and get at least 15-at the most 60 carbs per meal (being 3 meals a day). It I eat snacks I have to factor those carbs in. The reason the 15-60 is if I am more active they said to intake more carbs. Again this is with the meds I take in order for them to work proper.

Type1Lou 2011-07-02 06:57:52 -0500 Report

I have found that the fewer carbs I eat, the better my BG control. Easy to say but hard to give up the carbs. I eat 20g of carb for breakfast and try to have no more than 45g at lunch and again at dinner. I'm on insulin, so if I do eat more, I just adjust the dosage. We are all different and react to certain foods differently. Read labels…a lot of the no-fat and lite versions carry more carbs than the regular versions (e.g. salad dressings). Get yourself a handy carb guide that gives you access to carb values of different foods. Some even have listings of items offered by your favorite fast food restaurant (I love Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza but it has 45g of carb) I use Dana Carpender's New Carb and Calorie Counter. By reducing your carbs, you will find that the pounds can't help butl drop. Good luck!

nzingha 2011-07-02 11:57:40 -0500 Report

where can we get a carb guide?

Type1Lou 2011-07-03 14:10:11 -0500 Report

My husband picked up the Dana Carpender paperback for me as a stocking stuffer last Christmas. I bring it with me when I travel since I'm still trying to better zero-in on the carbs. Your library also probably has some books you could "audition" prior to buying any you might want…not to mention the on-line sources James has mentioned as well.

nzingha 2011-07-03 15:25:02 -0500 Report

huuummm… i should be able to download it on my kindle then? whats it called…? Dana Carpender ,… what? title of book? Pls

Type1Lou 2011-07-04 14:27:13 -0500 Report

The full title is "Dana Carpender's New Carb & Calorie Counter". Mine was the 4th edition expanded revised & updated. It was published in 2010 by Fairwinds Press (www.fairwindspress.com) and sells for $6.99 in paperback…not sure what the e-book version might go for. My husband got me 2 others as well but I don't use them…I like this one. Good luck!

jayabee52 2011-07-03 01:12:40 -0500 Report

Look here for a list of entries and choose one or more which may fit your needs: http://www.google.com/search?q=carbohydrate+g...=

nzingha 2011-07-03 10:14:51 -0500 Report

thnks a lot for this…I tell u I am grateful for the day I found this website..some of these stories have me in stitches.. some quite sad.. but such is life…I too am losing the weight- its really just about changing ur lifestyle and sticking with it…I am eating less.. doing small amounts of fruits when I am hungry.. I even eat a tomato..small one when I am hungry, I walk, I swim.. I get my lazy ass off the couch and do some housework which I would normally have done by the helper.. and I walk with my weights now… so change, change, change … u have got to change that way of living.. get active!

nzingha 2011-07-03 10:17:14 -0500 Report

hey and find the carbs that work for u and stick to them.. sweet potatoes.. work wonders for me..and they are tasty too..add that bit of sweetness to ur meals…I am trying to find another one…oats don't..but maybe I am having too much at a time..will continue to test…

jayabee52 2011-07-03 15:30:04 -0500 Report

let your meter be your guide!

Thanks for the comeback! I too am grateful for the time I found this site, because without being here and thinking through some of the little bits of information, I don't think I'd be doing as well with my diabetes!

50Jewels 2011-07-01 18:08:16 -0500 Report

Hey good news. On diet and exercise program I am doing I have lost 5 pounds in about a month. This is big for me. I usually struggle no matter what I do to lose anything.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-07-01 15:02:46 -0500 Report

The hospital dietician told me to count 15 grams of carbs as 1 carb serving. Is there a chance your daughter might have been meaning something like that?

50Jewels 2011-07-01 18:09:21 -0500 Report

I will check with her and see. That makes more since and she is so smart I can't imagine her getting it wrong.

Topper4 2011-07-01 13:23:16 -0500 Report

Just as an example… my endo and nutritionist have me on 45 or less grams for breakfast and 65 or less for lunch and 65 or less for dinner. So, my gut feeling is something's off w/ the calculations. How wonderful though that your daughter is wanting to help you :-) Have you been referred to a nutritionist? Remember, just like you are asking questions here… ask and ask some more, at all of your doctor appts. My best to you. I'm confident that you will get the right information and be on your way to getting things under control. Have a blessed 4th of July holiday!

kdroberts 2011-06-30 19:59:01 -0500 Report

The basic calculation is 50% of your calories coming from carbs. Since there are 4 calories per carb you would need 175g per day to make 700 calories. That would give you roughly 30g per meal. At 8g per meal and 6 meals a day you would only be getting 192 calories from carb per day. Some people that works for, if it doesn't work for you then you will need to adjust it. The things to keep in mind are what are you trying to get from your diet? How are you trying to control your diabetes? Are there any other things that would stop you eating a very high fat or high protein diet?

majikinfl 2011-06-30 19:55:54 -0500 Report

The Institute of Medicine recommends that everyone consume at least 130 grams of carbohydrate per day. This recommendation exists because glucose is your brain’s preferred fuel source. Your body can run with less carbohydrate than this, but things like being physically active are more difficult when you don’t have glucose for your muscle cells. Many people report headaches upon starting truly low-carb diets (about 20 grams of carb per day) as well as GI side effects like constipation.

The answer is not to eliminate all carbs, but to find the right balance for while including healthy carbs and physical activity. With diabetes, you should make sure the carbohydrates you eat are spaced out evenly throughout the day and that they come from healthy carb sources like vegetables, fruits, beans, low-fat dairy and whole grains instead of salty snacks, sweets, refined grains, and other highly-processed foods.

All courtesy of www.diabetes.org ADA and an article: http://www.diabetes.org/living-with-diabetes/...

Hope this helps…Portion size and the new diabetic plate vs the pyramid…

50Jewels 2011-06-30 19:59:12 -0500 Report

Thanks. This will definately help me because I have been getting headaches which then makes me not want to exercise. Catch 22. I will increase the carbs a little for now and work down more gradually.

CaliKo 2011-06-30 18:58:45 -0500 Report

Wow, that is low-carb for sure. Many of us get our daily carb count from a Certified Diabetes Educator based on our activity level and weight or weight goal. Granted, that's a starting point and then we may have to adjust to get our blood glucose levels where we need them to be. We all are different in regard to how well our bodies will process glucose. For comparison, my CDE started me out with 1250 calories per day, and a total carb count of 150 grams, which is 3 times what you are planning. And as my exercise levels have increased, I've actually had to add carbs. Your meter can help guide you. Good luck.

50Jewels 2011-06-30 19:23:03 -0500 Report

Thanks. I haven't talked to anyone yet on a diet except my daughter who is pre-med. She is a fitness queen 5'5" perfect weight and body. Exercises like crazy, teaches dance and still eats like a bird. Me I blossomed to 180 lbs and shrunk to 5'4". I have been on so many diets (per my ex-husbands demand) that I have really messed up my body. I went for two weeks one time drinking water and taking vitamins only so that he would not be embarrassed to be with me. Just before my diagnosis I only ate one meal a day (dinner) but since I left home, I was living on pasta, rice and beans. I think that sent me over the edge along with the stress of the whole thing.

JoleneAL 2011-07-01 07:29:36 -0500 Report

What is good for a diabetic and non-diabetic are two completely different things. I believe your daughter is trying to do what is best for you and that is admirable; but your needs are going to be different. Most people I know who are T2's work on a 45 carb per meal plan with 15 carbs for snacks. I found 30 to 40 carbs works best for me for meals, as going to 45 is just more food than I will eat anyway. Good luck!

CaliKo 2011-06-30 19:57:15 -0500 Report

Well, there are all sorts of approaches for meal plans to control diabetes, and there are probably people on this site in every camp, but I think that's a bit extreme for a first choice. The six (small) meals a day is a very healthy approach, but I'd begin with 30 carbs for the main three meals, and 15 for the in between snack meals. Time to take care of you and choose lots of vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats (like olive oil, avocado, nuts) low-fat dairy products. Stay away from processed foods, and white versions like white bread, white rice, white pasta. Beans are good with all their heart-healthy fiber, just measure your portions. They are definately a side dish now. Do you have a meter to test?

50Jewels 2011-06-30 21:35:18 -0500 Report

No. I have to purchase a new one because my ex kept my meter hostage when I left home. Funny thing is that he passes out at the sight of blood so I hope he is enjoying testing himself with it. It was a Breeze so I am looking to get the same type because I am familiar with it. I had diabetes in my family history so I had been testing since 2006 until I left home to save my life July 2010. I probably would not have realized I had a problem except that I volunteer for hospice and when I was helping a patient I had to exert myself and I felt different and weak so I talked to my doctor about the feeling. At least we caught it at pre-diabetes so hopefully I can slow it down.

CaliKo 2011-06-30 21:45:33 -0500 Report

Ex's do the darnest things, like you couldn't just go get another meter…
I'm glad you got diagnosed early, it makes controlling your levels and maintaining your health so much easier.

50Jewels 2011-06-30 23:06:48 -0500 Report

That is what I am hoping for. My mom had her tow amputated before she died and it was so hard to see how that affected her emotionally. Not only that but my son says I have to be around in 23 years to dance at my granddaughter's wedding so I need to get it under control so I can still move by then. Just being aware and cutting back the sugar has made it so my ankles and feet do not hurt like they were doing. I thought I just had bad shoes or had pulled another muscle. I usually walk about a half mile during my work each day as I work on a university campus and it is all walking to get anywhere and I was starting to not like to go out because I would get back to my office and my ankles and feet would be on fire. Now I will just have to get better shoes so I don't get sores.

jayabee52 2011-06-30 23:29:00 -0500 Report

If you have insurance, check with the insurance carrier to find out which meter and test strips system they support. Then you can get Dr to write a 'scrip for that. If no insurance you might want to check the Reli-on meters and strips at Wal-mart as a major cost of maintaining good Blood Glucose control can be testing strips. Reli-on has some of the most economical strips available.

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