Is there anyway to go back????

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I feel like an internet reject, with this dumb questions. I can type alright and search alright, but I have had to teach myself, so sometimes I have really dumb???But..
John is doing so well with the improvements on this site, but I was wondering, does anyone know how to go back to former discussion pages or recipes and such, after you have replied without hitting your back button a bunch of times? I have been looking for a link to go "Back to the Discussions" or can they be put in?

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Goddess 2008-10-15 09:16:36 -0500 Report

I was like you and still am. There are things I don't how to do like add an article, book, news.I did finally figure out what your'e talking about. Gabby is right!!!!!!!!

2008-10-17 06:46:53 -0500 Report

The way to add news articles ; recipes, type in or any other add on from a different web page: Copy and Paste; it works wonders; click on article, highlights in blue; right click then click copy; go back to the page you want to put it on; put your mouse on the spot; righ click mouse, and then click paste. Hope that helps somehow.

GabbyPA 2008-10-15 09:08:01 -0500 Report

If you go to the bar on the left of the page and select Discussions or Recipes or what ever you want, that will take you back to the beginning.
If you are wanting to go back to something you have commented on, check your tracked items and see if you see it there. That is easier too sometimes.

2008-10-15 10:40:16 -0500 Report

Hi Gabby; How are you today? I am having problems like adding reply to discussions, and then going right back to discussions to read on to the next, without clicking back, back and back. Have you got any ideas about that.

GabbyPA 2008-10-15 13:27:05 -0500 Report

The reason you have to click twice is becaue it takes you thur your reply box step, even if it doesn't show. So what I do is after I reply to a discussion, I just go back to my tracked items and that takes me where I want to go without clicking back all the time. It has to go thru all the steps you made, so it will take more than one click.

Adding an article is just copying and pasting from the site where you read the article. You copy the title of the article and paste it into our form. Then you credit who wrote it or what website you got it from. Then you copy a small part of the article and paste it into the summary box. Then up at the top of your computer screen, you will have the url or the address of the site you are getting the article from. Copy that and paste it in the link box on our form. His submit and there you go. You have added an article.

For a book, go to the book club and click on the review a book button at the top of the page. You can write the title of the book in the appropriate box and if there is a picture on file at, it will pop up with a description of the book. Then you add in the comments what you like or didn't like about the book and hit the submit button, and there you go.

I hope that helps. I still don't know how to get a video over to You Tube to get it onto the site, but if I find one on You Tube, I can just copy the address like you do in the article and leave your comment also.

It's okay to experiment, you won't kill anyone if you make a mistake.

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