MY 1st 90 day Labs>>>how is everyone elses?

By majikinfl Latest Reply 2011-07-09 15:20:29 -0500
Started 2011-06-30 09:42:26 -0500

Finally got my labs back, I am excited to report my A!C was 14.1 March 27 and June 23 came down>>>4.2<<<UNBELIEVABLE, I was hoping for under 10 never in a million years did I expect anything so low. Unfortunately I think it will rise By Sept 26. Query: does your PCP expect to see you every 3 months or only if your labs are out of whack? Have lost around 22 pounds, Cholesterol a bit high for me at 171 but Doc says under 200 ok, triglycerides 127 and under his limit of 150. I want to thank everyone here for being so supportive, I know I would not have made it without you all. I hope every one is having a great week, Thanks again…Polly

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Pynetree 2011-07-03 09:34:08 -0500 Report

Wow Polly, Super job! You sure have found the way!
Yes, I see my PC Dr. every three months for Bloodwork. Also see an Endocrinologist every six months…or sooner if A1c or other tests, like liver function come back iffy.
Keep up the good work!

majikinfl 2011-07-03 20:09:17 -0500 Report

Thanks, no endo in my future unless like you say things get "iffy" I don't get having to pay extra to see the endo, foot doc or dietitian…seems should be included in your insurance at least the 1st year. Just have to plug along…thanks for encouragement.

shorty1965 2011-07-02 15:40:23 -0500 Report

Congrats…I can't wait till i can get mine down i am doing a little better but i have a long way to go but i am trying to eat more and that will help me i am trying not to skip meals like i use to so i pray that in the next 3 months it go down.

dietcherry 2011-07-02 10:28:56 -0500 Report

Awesome job! We are so proud of you!
My Endo expects to see me every 3 months regardless of lab results; an A1c every 3-thats my motto! lol

majikinfl 2011-07-03 20:13:19 -0500 Report

Thanks…Being new it bothered me him not caring if I see him just get the labs but I will live with it. Office did say call with questions or make an appointment anytime I felt off for too long.

nzingha 2011-07-02 10:21:24 -0500 Report

congratulations to you..that reading is almost lliker u dont have diabetes . is that with just medication? how did u do it-pls share

majikinfl 2011-07-03 20:28:59 -0500 Report

Thanks for your comments and here is my story. Started out on 2 kinds of insulin [never took any oral meds] but had toooooo many low lows[under 60] so got off one insulin and taking a 70/30 insulin 2 times a day, now. I eat a fairly large breakfast [with I NEVER used to do] then lunch 4-5 hours later generally a sandwich with tomato and some fruit. I do a mini meal between 230 and 4 then a fair sized dinner and a bedtime snack. I try to check my BS before each meal and if eating something I have not made myself or eaten before I check BS 2 or 3 hours after the meal same with dinner. IF I have a craving for Potatoes or Pasta I try to eat it in the afternoon. I am not big on exercise but I am more active noon to 6 than after that. I am trying to get back to going to the pool but Thunder storms keep me away. I do nothing special…I changed from white bread to 100% whole wheat or whole grain but read labels to check total carbs/slice and keep it 20 or less. I try to keep my daily carbs under 150 and that so far has helped me the most. I am also not much of a veggie lover but try to keep the ones I like on hand…mostly canned. Money keeps me from doing much "fresh" foods. I don't cook much as IF I cook I eat…therefore more sandwiches and one dish meals. Seems to work for me. Good luck and best wishes to all…

avg 2011-07-08 18:00:22 -0500 Report

you did a great job. Congrats for that. Just one note on canned veggies is they usually have high sodium content which can cause other problems. Try frozen or fresh without sauces.

majikinfl 2011-07-09 15:20:29 -0500 Report

thanks…I know about sodium but finance does not permit fresh and no room for frozen [atleast not much]…I know its a sad state of affairs. Appreciate the advice.

NavyNerd 2011-07-01 23:31:28 -0500 Report

I have to go every 3 months regardless, for refills on scripts and so he can run maintenance labs for kidney and liver functions etc. He only does teh other stuff every 6 months, and I use teh A1C home tests in between, mostly so I can keep track myself.. they run pretty on target with what the lab brings back..

Good job on the drop! Mine runs high like your first one, but I have serious insulin resistance issues and tehy finally got me to someone who suggested a highly concentrated insulin, so I am crossing fingers for my next one next month :) I went 15 down to 10, and hopefully down to 7 next run!

majikinfl 2011-07-03 20:33:01 -0500 Report

I hope your new medication helps. More concentrated insulins scare me a bit. So afraid I will take too much. Have you investigated having the pump I hear a lot of folks get the best control with it. I wish you well and will cross a couple fingers tha your labs will continue to decline. Best wishes…thanks for your comments.

berrykins0 2011-07-01 15:09:49 -0500 Report

the super fantasic little low side still you done a wonderful job getting it to come down.i started at april 2009 8.2. got down to 5.6 in 5 months sept 2009.and held on to it until april 2011then mine droped to 5.4in april 2011 i took 2 pills for about a yearjune 2009 too 2010june then was taken off one and still currently taking 1.

majikinfl 2011-07-01 21:24:45 -0500 Report

thanks, you are doing great!! I can only hope to be doing as well as you a year from now. Keep up your good work too!!

Gusindiana 2011-07-01 14:37:48 -0500 Report

I would be concerned of the A1C dropping so drasticly in just 3 months Do not be suprised if your A1C is higher next time they take it.
My PCP sees me every 3 months to make sure that I am on track and to catch any problems quickly. My Insurance co. feels thats a good way to go and in the long run is better than letting a problem get worse before its caught.

majikinfl 2011-07-01 21:27:04 -0500 Report

I fully expect it to rise as am not having the low lows I was having. Just hoping come Sept I get a decent result. Thanks for your reply.

Topper4 2011-07-01 13:28:40 -0500 Report

Fabulous news! As my medical team says, YOU are a big factor in the results. Meds help but it takes YOU making the necessary adjustments to diet, exercise and attitude. Keep it going in this positive direction. It's especially helpful and encouraging to those that are new to this lifestyle… those that may be feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. Thanks for sharing the fabulous news. Way to go! Have a safe and blessed 4th of July weekend.

majikinfl 2011-07-01 21:29:52 -0500 Report

Thanks, I hope to stay home safely away from too much hoopla and food. Still need to get the exercise thing going, I am a recluse and just cannot yet manage much outdoors. Thanks for encouragement.

oldbuttercup 2011-07-01 12:34:44 -0500 Report

That is fantasic news congratulations!

majikinfl 2011-07-01 21:30:34 -0500 Report

Thanks…I am still walking on air

oldbuttercup 2011-07-02 09:05:06 -0500 Report

You reminded me of the lyrics from a song my oldest son liked when he was 4 yrs old:
Believe it or not,
I'm walking on air.
I never thought I could feel so free eee eee.
Flying away on a wing and a prayer.
Who could it be?
Believe it or not it's just me.
Keep walking on air dear friend!

dietcherry 2011-07-02 10:25:29 -0500 Report

Oh wow! This was the theme song to the TV show Greatest American Hero! Early 80s? Thanks for the blast from the past!

majikinfl 2011-07-03 20:38:57 -0500 Report

Thanks…I knew I had hear that somewhere, just could not remember where…it was a blast from a not so distant past…

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-07-01 07:24:40 -0500 Report

Congrats on making such great progress. Glad you are making progress on not having so many lows. You have done awesome work on quick learning about how to manage your diabetes.

majikinfl 2011-07-01 11:57:08 -0500 Report

Thanks…I have sure tried and had many trying times that everyone here helpd to put into perspective…

spiritwalker 2011-06-30 20:31:45 -0500 Report

Good job. Each MD sets his or her way of following diabetic patients. It depends on how often they feel you need to be seen and what the medical challenges you have
diabetes as well as other issues.

ochibeachgirl 2011-06-30 15:30:54 -0500 Report

WTG! My best drop to date is from 13.6 to 8.3 in one month. Due to do another one soon - let's see if I can break your record. WOW - good job!

majikinfl 2011-06-30 18:12:17 -0500 Report

Thanks…I was shocked…I hope you do better than me

ochibeachgirl 2011-07-01 09:20:00 -0500 Report

I'll know in about 2 weeks how I'm doing - will do tests next week and doc the week after. I have been trying but the struggle is not easy. thanks for the encouragement we give each other.

majikinfl 2011-07-01 12:00:13 -0500 Report

great leaners here…we try to prop each other up and that's what keeps me going. Thanks, have a great holiday

John Crowley
John Crowley 2011-06-30 10:04:03 -0500 Report

Great job!

Why are you thinking that you'll be higher in September? If you continue to take the steps that brought you this far, you should be able to keep heading in the right direction.

This is especially true because you're also succeeding at weight loss. Which some studies have shown can help lower insulin resistance.

You're doing great and stay optimistic, your next A1c could be in the 7's!

majikinfl 2011-06-30 10:10:36 -0500 Report

Thanks…I figured it dropped so much because for most of the 90 days I was having many lows below 70 and so few over 110…now on the new 70/30 insulin I am having more over 110 and very few under 85 [the low lows being gone pleases me]. so even if I continue to lose weight and eat near the same…I just expect it to rise. As long as its under 7 I will be happy and so I expect will my MD. Thanks for the encouragement…Polly

Hops 2011-07-01 07:12:37 -0500 Report

A 4.1 A1C would frighten me because it means too many hypoglycemic episodes. How many lows a day are you experiencing? Be careful not to lose all your symptoms of hypoglycemia. If my A1C was 4.1 then I would test my BG no less than once every two hours to prevent a severe low. What do you snack on? I love almonds and walnuts . I eat two ounces daily and they only raise my BG about 30 points after five hours. Please stop having so many lows.

avg 2011-07-08 18:10:09 -0500 Report

also, always carry glucose tablets with you so that if you are below 60 or become symptomatic you have them on hand for emergency use. You can buy them at your local pharmacy. I buy the big bottle and keep that on my nightstand, but I have also bought the tubes of them. I keep 1 tube in each of our vehicles and 1 in my purse. as I use them I refill from big bottle. They are much better to use then grab a carb snack.

majikinfl 2011-07-01 12:05:35 -0500 Report

Thanks…I have several things I snack on .. teddy grahams, flavored crackers, nuts [almonds mostly], tiny ice cream rolls, most of my lows were in the early morning. Usually when I had not had a bedtime snack. Since my insulin was changed to 70/30 have had only 3 severe lows one was this morning…went to be early and just did not eat a snack. That'll teach me. I will sure try to not have so many lows they are very scary. Have a great holiday!!