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This is a very exciting time in my life. We will be celebrating most of the day July the 3rd for our 50th Wedding Anniversary. The trick is how to eat right when there is a Buffet in front of you and you know there is a delicious dessert to? Will have my med with me. I'm going to eat up the most beautiful time in my life with my hubby. More exicited now than the first time. I didn't have diabetes than. Now it's different. Any suggestions?

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Flustrated 2011-07-15 14:32:09 -0500 Report

Well can't complain. It was wonderful. I did my best but wound up taking an extra shot when I got home. I concentrated on small portions but there was so much. To many small portions I guess.It is almost 2 weeks ago and I'm still on a exciting high. Thank you everyone.

tabby9146 2011-07-02 13:21:09 -0500 Report

Congrats on your anniversary!!! I hope both my husband and I are alive and still married to celebrate 50 yrs. It will be 27 for us on July 7th. Congrats again!!! What a milestone.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-07-01 06:31:08 -0500 Report

Congrats on reaching such a milestone.
As others suggested just be selective and have a little of some things that you really want. Enjoy the guests to your fullest.

berrykins0 2011-06-30 07:30:17 -0500 Report

i say keep it simple. have a salad have like chicken for the meat,like have mashed potatoes,good carb veggie.go easy on the dessert.this is kinda what i would do.congadulations on your 50th anniversary.

Copperchef 2011-06-30 06:58:55 -0500 Report

Well, CONGRATULATIONS. You made a wise choice 50 years ago, just make some wise choices at the buffet and your day will continue to be glorious. But, you can splurge, you've earned it.
Much continued good fortune and happiness. Thanks for sharing.

jayabee52 2011-06-29 23:42:48 -0500 Report

Howdy Jan!
First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your golden wedding anniversary!
I am a little envious as all I got out of my first marriage is 25 years. I had hoped to go all the way with her (we would have had 35 by now), but she had other ideas.

I think at 50 yrs you can relax and enjoy the day, (but not too much)!

Praying God's blessings on your wonderful day!


nanaellen 2011-06-29 22:07:38 -0500 Report

After 50 years your entitled to ANYTHING you want!! lol It would be the perfect day too cheat!!! And get away with it! LOL Congrats to you and yours!! On the serious side just don't over do it!! Enjoy your day!!! :) Ellen

Harlen 2011-06-29 18:36:02 -0500 Report

I use the right and left methed I count what I eat with my right hand and what I eat with my left just dont count lol
Best wishes and good luck

Tender Tips
Tender Tips 2011-06-29 17:48:00 -0500 Report

Congratulations on a wonderful milestone! Like the others have said-just watch your portions and most importantly, enjoy the party with friends and family!

CaliKo 2011-06-29 17:38:59 -0500 Report

Congratulations on your anniversary! That's nice you always have fireworks! Keep to the low carb foods and save enough carbs for a couple of bites of a special dessert. Same ol same ol, even on special occasions.

ochibeachgirl 2011-06-29 16:37:21 -0500 Report

Congrats on the milestone 50 years - WOW!! The buffet - that is a challenge. Remember, portion control and I will leave the usual carbs in order to have a dessert treat. Whatever you do, just be mindful not to make yourself ill after! Enjoy!

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