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If you do not have a meter you can receive a free meter from most manufactures. Just call and ask them to send you one. Most have this service because they make their money on the test strips, lancets, and testing fluid. I recommend you look at some meters and deside on one and than call.

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Diaschm 2011-07-08 19:00:33 -0500 Report

thank you for all of your responces! I always learn so much from all of you. I never thought of Walmart brand. Is there any place that donates free strips?

dietcherry 2011-06-29 18:36:17 -0500 Report

I think Walmart brand Reli On has the least expensive meter and test strips around-about $20 for the meter and $22 for 50 strips. That is an awesome deal compared to the big-named manufacturers and their endless greed.

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-06-29 13:58:49 -0500 Report

You can get some free meters but if you don't have money or insurance then you can't get the test strips which really makes it useless to aquire the free meter. Now if we could get free test strips and lancets with those meters that would be great.

majikinfl 2011-06-29 13:18:48 -0500 Report

good idea…just be sure you check out the cost of the strips for the meter you choose. Most store brand meters are cheap and strips much cheaper than the big name brands. So in the long run its cheaper to buy a store brand meter and strips than get a free brand name meter and pay anywhere from $30 to $75 for 50 strips. IF you have insurance check with your insurance to see if they have a preferred meter so strips are free or much less than others. Best to check around before buying or asking for a meter you later cannot afford strips for.

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