infections from cat scratches

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I used to work with a cat rescue and loved every minute of it, in fact I have cats of my own and love them also. My doctor advised me to give up the cat rescue because she said I could get infections from the scratches. My own cats do not normally scratch me and all shots are up to date, is this a concern for anyone else. I am willing to take the chance because I love my cats! Thanks Carolyn

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Cheryl*G 2011-06-28 19:58:49 -0500 Report

I have a cat and he bit me when I was trying to give him his yearly shot. I used peroxide then triple antibiotic and it healed up nicely. P.S. That was the last time my cat ever bit me because when he bit me I bit him back (not hard) but hard enough that he cried and that was 5 years ago and he has never bit me or anyone else since then.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-06-28 16:13:58 -0500 Report

With cat rescues, I suspect you are dealing with an animal that may not want to be rescued and one you are not familiar with and they are not familiar with you. So for the rescue cats, you may want to don long leather gloves which will provide you with a decent amount of protection from scratches and/or bites. If you get bit by a stray cat, you need to presume it is rabid, and get the painful treatments accordingly. These long gloves are available to welders, but I do not know where you could find them for a woman. The chance of an infection from a stray cat would seem to me to be very high if you got scratched. So protect your hands and arms and go for it. Jim

sewinggranny 2011-06-28 19:34:03 -0500 Report

These were cats that had already been rescued and were at Petsmart up for adoption, I cleaned the cages and feed the cats and then put them back in the cages but some of them would scratch you. It would be hard to clean the cages with those types of gloves on so I did as my doctor suggested and gave up helping but I still miss doing it. I met some very sweet cats.

Kinn D.
Kinn D. 2011-06-28 11:16:51 -0500 Report

I've gotten Cat Scratch Fever before…Lol! Who would have thought that the song had some truth behind it…It depends on how well you keep your BG under control and how clean you keep the litter box.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-06-28 11:03:29 -0500 Report

When I had my grooming business several years ago I had various bites and scratches from clients who didn't really feel like taking a bath that day. Kitty scratches were a concern. My Dr. had me soak the scratched or bitten area (usually my hand or a finger) in a dishsoap and bleach mixture several time a day. For any bite (dog or cat, never was bit by a bunny) I had to take penacillin for 14 days. People scratches and bites can be just as bad for the risk of infections. Germs and other icky stuff are everywhere.

sewinggranny 2011-06-28 11:12:26 -0500 Report

When one of my cats scratch me I put alcohol on it immediately after washing the scratch with soap and water so far I have had no problems my cats do not bite thank goodness so I am lucky there and when I take them for shots I let the vet and his helper hold them because they will nip then!!