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I have found that using Splenda is so much more agreeable than any other sugar substitute. I've tried Equal, Sweet-N-Low,and saccharin; none have the sweetening power or lack of aftertaste Splenda does. Any other comments on this or has anyone tried Truvia?

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hws1634 2011-07-03 15:32:00 -0500 Report

I tried recently a new product "Ideal" and found it comparable to Splenda, it is less expensive, a bit more granular which I prefer. I use it in baking goods and other foods and no aftertastes but good sweetening power.

BrBlevins 2011-07-03 15:54:45 -0500 Report

Ideal® is a no calorie sweetener made with xylitol. In university taste tests, Ideal® was preferred over sugar for sweetness, flavor, and overall liking! You can also bake with Ideal®. Available at Amazon.com. :)

berrykins0 2011-07-01 15:25:19 -0500 Report

i agree with you you should check out the splenda books bade by a nutrionist named marlene koch i think there the best cook books ive ever bought myself i got them from walmart website.theres other splenda books on there from the splenda company. those i don't have.

Anonymous 2011-07-01 10:18:52 -0500 Report

I totally agree I swear bye splenda!!

jayabee52 2011-07-02 14:59:53 -0500 Report

yep "bye bye splenda"

AuntieM234 2011-07-02 17:59:04 -0500 Report

I take it you don't like Splenda James? Its the only substitute I've ever been able to use. I love it. I don't care what anyone else may say, I will continue to use it, although I understand many may feel the opposite. Its just whatever floats your boat! ;-) Mara

jayabee52 2011-07-03 01:25:47 -0500 Report

Just trying to be funny, word playing off the mispelling of "by". Sorry to have offended. I don't use any sweeteners. When I did I COULD not use Splenda due to its "laxitive effect" on me. Couldn't drink more than 1 can of Splenda sweetened soda. The effect was delayed enough where I had a dickens of a time figuring it out, but it did cause me to have "the trots", so after that I avoided it. Sorry for any offense, Mara


AuntieM234 2011-07-03 04:30:14 -0500 Report

Oh you didn't offend me, Sweetie! I don't think I COULD be offended by you! I know what's in your heart and I love you for it! I hope I don't ever give you that impression in the future. I have no personal stake in Splenda, and I don't really care who uses it and who doesn't What I DO care passionately about is NOT giving off the wrong impression, so that a dear friend thinks I've been offended by him/her. So, are we clear? ;-) Mara

jayabee52 2011-07-03 06:46:51 -0500 Report

We are clear Mara!

This is the problem with written communication. We cannot get the little nuances which comes from tone and inflection in verbal communication or the visual cues which comes with seeing the person to whom we are speaking. But this, of course is better than nothing.

With love!

AuntieM234 2011-07-03 09:21:01 -0500 Report

I'm in 100% agreement! What you wrote is exactly what I was thinking as I was responding to the part where you thought you offended me. And, my friend, this is way better than nothing! The theraputic value alone is priceless! Love, and best wishes for the holiday, Mara ;-)

QueenJeanne 2011-06-30 14:01:49 -0500 Report

After reading everyone's input, I believe there is something out there for all diabetics to enjoy their desserts and beverages. Everyone of us cannot jump on the same band wagon, but we can help each other out with suggestions.

NavyNerd 2011-06-29 23:54:36 -0500 Report

I use stevia myself.. I have trouble with Splenda, and discovered I am not alone. It upsets my tummy, and gives me indigestion, so I went looking for something else, and the pink and blue packets of sweeteners just tasted gross.. Truvia is made using the same type of process that Splenda is (or so I was told) which explains why it gave me teh same issues that Splenda did. So I tried things like growing my own (excellent, but I can't grow enough for our needs) andSweet Leaf and the like. Worked great, no calories, super sweet, and no after taste or indigestion. IO know of someoone who has issues with Splenda making them flatulant, and after she said something, I discovered its kind of a more common as a side effect… who'd have thought it!

Agave and Honey are my second favorites, and as long as I use that stuff in moderation, I'm good.. I drink a TON of hot milk tea though, so stevia has been my best friend. Even my kids like the Sweet Leaf stuff..

GabbyPA 2011-07-01 09:47:19 -0500 Report

There is also a sugence in Palm sugar. I have not tried it yet, but it is on my list of new things to try and see how it does.

How much stevia do you go through in a day? I have two plants and they produce way more than I can use.

Darrin D
Darrin D 2011-06-29 13:32:46 -0500 Report

Hi everyone. When it comes to your dietary products, My doctor told me to look for an ingredient called ASPARTAME. He said it is also an ingredient used in formaldihyde ( not sure on the spelling there ). That if the product is not kept cool, it can cause alot of problems. Check into it please.

Mistletoe 2011-06-30 13:52:58 -0500 Report

There was a lot of news a few years ago on diet sodas made with Aspartame, they said it was really bad for us. I used to use Splenda but now use Stevia in the Raw…comes granulated in a pouch or in packets. I am growing some Stevia too, but they are small plants (at least so far) and probably will not last long.

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-06-29 00:45:38 -0500 Report

I use to use splenda and equal both. I liked them both alot but I had a terrible allergic reaction to both of them and had to quit using them. I like stevia too. I would like to grow some too like Gabby!!!

GabbyPA 2011-06-29 18:11:01 -0500 Report

It's easy to grow. It is a learning curve to figure out how to use it in our foods. I only use it for drinks so far, but I will keep trying. I have two healthy plants out there that are producing a lot for me.

Producer 2011-06-29 18:18:56 -0500 Report

How do you grow Stevia?

GabbyPA 2011-06-29 18:23:05 -0500 Report

It is easiest to get it from your local home improvement store as a plant already to go in the ground or in a pot. You can buy seeds, but I have heard it is hard to germinate.
It likes to be kept moist, but not wet. Full sun is good for it and your plant should last about 3 years. The first year it will be good, the second year is the best production and the third year you want to start new plants with clippings from your best plants.
Keep the flowers trimmed off and it will bush out beautifully. My plants are about 18" tall now.

digitaldoorbell 2011-06-28 22:30:30 -0500 Report

I use Stevia also. There are better and worse brands. Please read online and ensure that you get pure Stevia. I have used it for several years and like it a lot.

Kissmygrits1 2011-06-30 10:35:37 -0500 Report

you said there are better AND worse brands , so which ones are "better"?

GabbyPA 2011-07-01 09:51:22 -0500 Report

Sweet Leaf brand is good. 100% pure stevia. Things like Stevia in the Raw, sound good, but are processed and have other chemicals in them to keep them from clumping and make it easier to bake with.

Deaconess Jane
Deaconess Jane 2011-06-28 20:37:15 -0500 Report

I use Stevia, but there is a caution. Make sure if you are buying the Stevia Powder, it's listed as being non-bitter. Some brands of Stevia can have a very strong aftertaste. I get mine from Swanson Vitamins.com. Have been using it to make iced tea for years. I've yet to try baking with Stevia - mainly because have no time and we're not eating a lot of bread right now.

Kinn D.
Kinn D. 2011-06-28 11:23:56 -0500 Report

I'd recommend switching to Truvia, Using Splenda is almost as bad as using pesticide. In fact Splenda was found when someone tried to make a pesticide. Thats why it has a strange taste, as a few people i know call it.

Cheryl*G 2011-06-28 14:49:43 -0500 Report

My mom was poisoned using splenda. Thank goodness I caught it in time and got her taken care of.

Kissmygrits1 2011-06-30 10:37:30 -0500 Report

then why is it on the shelves, why hasn't anybody sued???

GabbyPA 2011-07-02 08:34:14 -0500 Report

Only a small percentage of people are that sensitive to it. Plus the FDA is a hard thing to fight. I know for me, after I was diagnosed, I upped the amount of "diet" drinks I took in. I started to feel really quite crummy, but not really sick. After I read about aspartame and sucrulose I purged it from my home. Cold turkey. Gave up diet sodas and within a week, that feeling I had of general ill health was gone. I was amazed at how much it was messing with me. I have not looked back.

Marytea 2011-06-28 07:57:37 -0500 Report

Before being diagnosed with Type 2, my morning joy was a cup of cafe du monde coffee with 1/2 steamed milk and 1 heaping t of sugar. I thought the world was going to end when I realized I couldn't have it any more. I tried Splenda and it gave me back my morning. I tried stevia but found it had a weird sweetness. Splenda is worth a try.

QueenJeanne 2011-06-28 07:10:17 -0500 Report

Here is another sweetener that has a low glycemic index that we as diabetics need to take heed. Enjoy your reading and have a wonderful and SWEET day.

Xagave is a Premium Blend of Agave Nectar derived from organic Agave Salmiana (White Agave) and organic inulin from Agave Tequilana (Blue Agave). This combination results in the highest quality nectar with the best taste, best Cooking Qualities and the most Health Benefits of any nectar on the market; making our nectar the perfect sweetener for all of your cooking, canning, and baking needs. Your foods will taste better while saving calories and our nectar can be simply exchanged for sugar or honey in any of your favorite recipes (see Sugar Exchange Table). A natural and healthy substitute for sugar, brown sugar and honey makes our nectar perfect for everyday use in coffee, tea and cereal. Avoid "spiking" your blood sugar levels with this naturally low Glycemic Index Food (approximately 30) and feel the difference. Our nectar contains no artificial additives or artificial sweeteners and is processed at very low temperatures that qualify it as a raw food. Organic & Kosher certified, we are 100% confident that you will not only taste but feel the difference. We encourage you to try this great tasting, versatile and healthy sugar substitute for yourself and see why Xagave is "The Complete Sugar Replacement" that is right for you and your family.

Mistletoe 2011-06-30 13:57:12 -0500 Report

I have tried the Agave Nectar and even though it says it is low glycemic, it still spikes my blood sugar…

camerashy 2011-06-28 20:14:36 -0500 Report

Tequila is made from blue agave - and IT tastes awful! Why would the sugar replacement not taste as bad?

QueenJeanne 2011-06-29 06:55:35 -0500 Report

Because anything that is fermented and distilled is going to taste like alcohol. Even cane sugar has that same effect if you ferment it or distill the product. In blue agave natural state the taste is sweet and can be use on pancakes and in cooking your desserts. Agave tequilana, commonly called blue agave, tequila agave, mezcal or maguey is an agave plant that is an important economic product of Jalisco, Mexico, due to its role as the base ingredient of tequila, a popular distilled spirit. The high production of sugars—mostly in the form of fructose—in the core of this plant is the most important characteristic of the plant making it suitable for the preparation of alcoholic beverages. Therefore if it is not distilled it tastes sweet like cane sugar and only 27 on the glycemic index, which is great for diabetics and will not raise blood sugars.

gem6ten 2011-06-29 17:08:00 -0500 Report

Glad to see someone else using agave - I've been using it for years as a sweetener, and especially as a syrup on sourdough french toast. I stopped using aspartame cold turkey when my son informed me it was an ingredient in bug killer!

QueenJeanne 2011-06-28 07:04:25 -0500 Report

Morning everyone. Here is info on Stevia. I hope this is a blessing to all my diabetic connect family. I will be posting another sweetener later. Peace and Blessings to all!

About Stevia In the Raw® Extract

Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni is an herb in the compositae family that grows as a small shrub in parts of Paraguay and Brazil. The glycosides in its leaves make it incredibly sweet, a property that is unique among the nearly 300 species of stevia plants. Stevia has been used to sweeten beverages and medicines for over 400 years. A scientist named Antonio Bertoni first recorded its use by native tribes in 1887.

Stevia is now grown and harvested in many countries around the world, predominantly China and Brazil. It has also been vastly popular in Japan for more than three decades, now representing 41% of that country's sugar substitute market. Stevia is also found as an ingredient in many products, such as ice cream, bread and soft drinks, throughout Asia and South America.

Stevia Extract In The Raw gets its delicious, natural sweetness from Rebiana (aka Reb-A) — an extract from the Stevia plant. This extract is the sweetest part of the plant and has recently been isolated to provide pure sweetening power without the licorice-like aftertaste that many of our predecessors exhibited. All you get is the sweet flavor without any calories.

Unlike some of our competitors, Stevia Extract In The Raw does not use additional sweeteners such as erythritol (Truvia™) and isomaltulose and erythritol (PureVia™) to mask the natural sweetness of Reb-A Stevia Extract. The high purity level of our product eliminates any of the licorice-like aftertaste associated with less pure Stevia products currently in the market.

Stevia Extract in The Raw is a perfect natural zero calorie sweetener for your coffee, tea, cereal, yogurt, and much more! Check out the recipe section for great recipes, as well as cooking and baking tips.
Sugar In the Raw® packages

From the Makers of Sugar In the Raw®

Sugar In The Raw is a premium turbinado sugar made from all-natural cane. The same attention to quality ingredients and purity went into the creation of Stevia Extract In The Raw.

eristar 2011-06-28 06:58:29 -0500 Report

I prefer Splenda to any of the other sweeteners, although I have not tried the SweetLeaf that 62Blue mentioned. I'll have to look for that!

jayabee52 2011-06-28 06:51:01 -0500 Report

I can't use anything with Splenda in it, because too much will give me "a laxitive effect". We are all different.

Pynetree 2011-07-03 10:04:28 -0500 Report

…same here James. But I still drink a diet soda a couple times a week, that is sweetened with it…it just makes me more conscious of stopping at one. I don't have any problem if I limit my Splenda intake. So like almost everything else it's = Moderation !

MrsCDogg 2011-06-28 05:34:23 -0500 Report

I agree! Every other sweetner, including stevia, has a nasty taste that I just can not handle. I use the store brands. Wal-Mart has their own brand Great Value and Kroger has their own called Apriva. Both are quite a bit cheaper than the name brand. I guess it all comes down to what ever you prefer.

JoleneAL 2011-06-28 06:44:14 -0500 Report

I prefer Splenda or the WalMart brand. Sweet and Low - I don't know what they put in that stuff but it tastes like motor oil to me!

GabbyPA 2011-06-28 03:49:25 -0500 Report

Here are a whole bunch of discussions on Truvia. http://www.diabeticconnect.com/discussions?query=truvia&by=relevancy

I don't use artificial sweeteners and Truvia has proven to be a fair alternative. I still prefer using Stevia. In fact, I am growing it in my garden and I grind it up into a powder and use it in cold drinks. No chemicals here!!

Deaconess Jane
Deaconess Jane 2011-06-28 20:39:55 -0500 Report

Gabby, I'm impressed that you're growing your own Stevia. That is so cool. I live in Southern Il so don't think my climate would be conducive for growing it, but it sure would be fun to try. Where do you get Stevia plants?

QT Pie
QT Pie 2011-06-28 00:39:49 -0500 Report

I use Splenda for my cole slaw and for cooking, if needed. Otherwise, I usually use Sweet'n'Lo for cold drinks as it seems that I have to use more Splenda to sweeten something cold. Truvia and Stevia leave an unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth.

Cheryl*G 2011-06-27 22:54:33 -0500 Report

I use Truvia for everything and have had no problem. I like the fact it has no after taste and does not upset my stomach like splenda.

Copperchef 2011-06-27 18:55:18 -0500 Report

I have used both Splenda and Stevia. I find that for cold dishes, fruits, cereals, and cold desserts I prefer Stevia. When baking, I like Splenda. The reason. I find Splenda a little rough on the digestive system in uncooked dishes, but tolerate Stevia very well. I like Splenda in baked dishes because it just seems to taste better.

purple1900 2011-06-27 18:49:22 -0500 Report

I use lemon in my tea and have noticed that the nutrasweet stuff gives me heartburn I have never actually looked into getting splenda. Thank you for the suggestion

Narg 2011-06-27 23:09:07 -0500 Report

Aren't Splenda and Nutrasweet basically the same stuff?

Anonymous 2011-06-28 00:35:40 -0500 Report

no. Splenda is sucralose. Nutrasweet is aspartame.

GabbyPA 2011-06-28 03:51:24 -0500 Report

Read the book "Sweet Deception" and you will never look at those two words the same ever again. Another good documentary is called "Sweet Misery" I have the DVD and it is an eye opener. Stevia for me!

Narg 2011-06-28 07:43:41 -0500 Report

Stuff like your book and DVD crack me up. Over my 40 years as a diabetic I've seen a number of sweeteners come and go. The thing that is so funny is the "negative" advertising and so-called "studies" that come out just before or right when a new sweetener hits the market. Each new one is so-much-better than the last (study that is…) It really has become comical over the years.

Food is a crazy thing. Those books and documentaries are not completely wrong, just over blown and full of drama that is really not needed and pushes the real facts beyond their truth.

Take my word for it, in about 5 years a new sweetener will hit the market, and you'll see a number of documentaries on how bad Stevia is.

Deaconess Jane
Deaconess Jane 2011-06-28 20:44:57 -0500 Report

Narq, A couple years ago, I was approached by a member of the food co-op I'm in, who was very concerned about my Stevia use. She'd seen a documentary on Stevia that indicated it could cause all sorts of ailments. So, Stevia has already been bad-mouthed. Too, due to FDA lobbyists, Stevia is still labeled as a food supplement and not a sweetener (at least it was the last time I checked). Companies that produce sweeteners don't want the competition Stevia would offer if it's sanctioned as a sweetener. Too, my understanding is Stevia doesn't raise blood-sugar levels which is a good thing.

Deaconess Jane
Deaconess Jane 2011-06-29 00:32:36 -0500 Report

lol. Okay, after I posted the above, I couldn't get it out of my mind, so went a'searching. The food co-op site I order from has Stevia listed under "Nutritionals" but not under "Sweeteners" so I guess that means it's still not officially recognized as a "sweetener"?

Harlen 2011-06-27 17:55:03 -0500 Report

Good for you lol I dont use any of it, gave up on sweets lol
I will just cover for the real thing .
Best wishes

mysticalrose53 2011-06-27 17:40:28 -0500 Report

Yes Splenda is what I use too.No after taste and I dont have to use as much of it to get things sweet

BrBlevins 2011-06-27 18:03:56 -0500 Report

Yes, I definitely use less than the sugar equivalent. It makes it overly sweet.

62Blue 2011-06-27 18:22:30 -0500 Report

Have you tried SweetLeaf Sweetener? This comes from the Stevia plant use very little as it is really sweet tasting and I think better for you than the other substitutes on the market.