I found out in Mid-May

Bob Hempel
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I found out in Mid-May that I have diabetes. My first reaction was shock and anger. As the reality sunk in, I decided to solve my issues. I have been on Metformin 500 mg for six weeks with little or no side-effects. As a minister, I went to a church meeting recently that had a FEW SUGAR-FREE COOKIES THAT tasted like CARDBOARD! My mission, now, is to promote diabetes friendly snacks and food at church meetings. I use Diabetes Buddy on my iPhone and can record everything at my Cardiac Rehab exercise class except carbs. I have difficulty recording carbs since my wife cooks from scratch.

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Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-06-29 01:37:04 -0500 Report

Hi Bob!!! I found out on May 13, 2011 that I have type 2 diabetes. There is a site that you will love. You may know about it already. RayT told me about it. Its called LIVINGSTRONG.COM it's not just for people that are losing weight. There is alot of great info on there for diabetics as well & eating healthy. There are also great ricepes. There is a place on there called my plate. you can put your ricepes in and it will list all the nutritional values of your recipe. You can also put everything down that you ate for dinner and it will calculate carbs, calories, ect. Check it out if you can.
http://www.livestrong.com/myplate You can use the site for free or you can pay for a gold membership which gives you other privledges on the site. Just wanted to pass it along to you. - Bless You †

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-06-27 09:32:44 -0500 Report

They are some sites that people here at DC mention they use were you enter yor ingredients and quantity and it will give the nutrition info. Sparkpeople is one, I don't remember whatthe others are.

tomecom 2011-06-26 07:16:38 -0500 Report

Bob: if it will help, I have a Meal Planner and a spreadsheet that will solve your problem. The meal planner has 200 recipes that are low glycemic index, and have the nutritional values for each content. The spreadsheet has hundreds of food items that lists all of the primary vitamins and minerals, carbs, calories, glycemic index, fiber and protein. You can build your own recipe, and know exactly what you are getting. I also have a large glycemic index table that might help. Email me at nelsonthomase@gmail.com small and I will gladly forward copies to you if you want them. I have given copies to hundreds of diabetics.

Bob Hempel
Bob Hempel 2011-06-27 05:17:49 -0500 Report

Thanks! My issue that "Diabetes Buddy" had many brand carbs in database, not too many foods made from scratch. They have a good database for restaurants. I need to master what "Diabetes Buddy" carb section.

JoleneAL 2011-06-26 05:28:29 -0500 Report

I have found the sugar free (ha ha) products in the store are too full of sodium and yes, taste like cardboard.

edvel54 2011-06-25 22:25:49 -0500 Report

sugar free cookies have come a long ways since I was diagnosed . I had gestational diabetes with my second child. My husband went to buy me some sugar-free cinnamon rolls. I am not exactly sure what he brought back, they were small, hard, & had tasted nasty It was the thought that counted. . There are several carb counter sites on the internet that are very helpful.

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