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Hi everyone! My name is Kelly and I have Type 2 Diabetes. At 33 years old, it makes me mad to have to say that. I was just diagnosed yesterday. I have almost every symptom and never paid attention…until now. I have researched the heck out of the internet and have found many wonderful sites and people to chat with. However, none have been able to help me. Not only do I have diabetes, but I have NO insurance. Probably not as uncommon as I think, but I need help with some costs. My doc's office and in-house pharmacy are doing everything they can to keep costs low for me, but I need to be able to check my levels at home. I noticed the prices of the testing supplies is not the cheapest. The machines really aren't that bad, it's the strips. You all probably already know this, but bear with me, I'm new here. Does anyone know of the best places to buy the supplies on or off the internet? Thank you in advance for your help and guidance. Not in the best of moods since hearing this news, so I apologize if I sound ornary.

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lmkilday 2011-06-30 01:05:12 -0500 Report

I joined the Freestyle Lite Promise program which supplies me with a free meter and discounts on my testing supplies which I can get from any pharmacy. If you are on Medicaid, there are many companies which will give you a free meter and bill Medicaid for your test strips.

kelly2578 2011-06-26 07:56:40 -0500 Report

I went to Airway Oxygen in Cadillac, MI and they gave me the Freestyle Freedom Lite tester, which came with 10 lancets and 10 test strips. I had to purchase more test strips, but it was $38 for 50. Kind of pricey, but worth it. I've been monitoring my BS since Friday and am noticing what types of foods make my numbers higher and which ones don't affect it as much. So far the highest number I've seen was 256, that was 2 hours after eating plain pasta with a little butter and parmesan. However, I've lost 14 pounds since Tuesday, which I believe is a side effect of my BP medicine, diuretic, and change of diet. I'm in a much better mood since my last post! Thank you everyone for all of your support!!

RAYT721 2011-06-24 18:22:51 -0500 Report

First of all, welcome to our site. There is no reason to apologize for your emotions, fears, frustrations, or whatever. We either are, have been or will be where you are so many of us can totally appreciate your honesty with us.

There have been a number of discussions about the costs of diabetes and many of us have shared some resources which may or may not be able to help you but certainly worth looking into. If you go to the discussions page, you'll find a search box. Use keywords like "insurance" "help" "resources" and whatever words will apply to your situation and need.

The least expensive place that I have found for my meter/strips is www.americandiabeteswholesale.com. That's not to say it's the cheapest place for yours. Sometimes it makes more sense to consider a new meter for $9.99 (or free) to keep your strip prices lower so check out the sites and offers. You can sometimes find promotional codes with a google search or with a quick visit to sites like www.retailmenot.com that offer x% discount or X dollars off or even free shipping.

Are you on oral meds? Our local grocery store pharmacy offers FREE generic diabetes formulas … you could see if yours have such a plan. Make sure your doctor agrees with generic meds. I had my doctor put me on all meds that fit the cheapie $1.99 a month meds and so far, so good but I am not on diabetic meds so what I am speaking for the free meds do not pertain to me.

Have you thought about joining clinical trials? Ask your doctor, social worker, hospital patient advocates or anyone who may be able to guide you to free meds, testing, or whatever you qualify for.

You are quite correct with the cost of the strips. I am now paying about 1/2 of what the drug store sale prices were before I found the site that I mentioned above.

Another thing to consider with costs of meds is to consider the cost of other things in your world. The more you save on rent, gas, clothes, cell phone, cable, paper plates and such the more available money you'll have for the things that matter… like your health. The best ways to boost your disposable income is by increasing income, reducing costs or finding a balance between the two.

I feel badly for the consumers without medical insurance because I know so well about the costs. Even the copays and having a flexible spending account can be overwhelming to my family and I DO have insurance. Trust me… I understand!!!

I don't have all of the answers but like with anything else, the more research you do, the more informed you'll be on the options available to you. Get the word out there that you need help. Prayer may not help … but it certainly can't hurt!

Hugs from Ohio,

alanbossman 2011-06-24 17:52:48 -0500 Report

Hello and welcome to DC family, One thing is do not be mad at yourself for having diabetes its not your fault. As Harlen has said Wal mart has the lowest price for there strips and meter both are called reli on, their brand.

Harlen 2011-06-24 14:20:26 -0500 Report

Hello and welcome
A lot of us use the one from Walmart strips are a lot cheper
Your right there are a LOT of frends without ins.
Best wishes