Clinical Trial: Gastroparesis

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Do You Have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes and have been diagnosed with Gastroparesis? Massachusetts General Hospital is seeking volunteers to participate in a Clinical Research Study using an investigational medication. Go to this link to see if you qualify.
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desertruth 2008-10-26 10:03:20 -0500 Report

My son has gastroparesis; the doctor performed surgery to insert a gastric stimulator by Medtronic. Prior to the surgery, he was vomiting aqt almost every meal. Now he is much better and vomits about once or twice a week. He sees doctor @ 6 MOS for f/u. Medtronic says it doesn't always work, but usually helps. If you'd like more information,you can e-mail me or call at 520-303-0609 in afternoons. I think there has been only 3 of these surgeries in Tucson- procedure has been avail since 2002, but only on a compassionate basis. Took us a year and a half to get it approved.