Good news from the doctor.

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I have been on the Victoza regimen for the past 6 months. Today, I got my latest blood work up from my GP. My A1C is 5.73, my fasting blood sugar is 106, my weight loss is 16 pounds, started at 314 am now 298. However, not out of proportion for my height, 6' 4". My cholesterol is t0tal is 188 with an HDL of 42. I credit all of this to my diet and Victoza.
I used to be a biscuit and gravy kind of guy, with a side of bacon. Now, I am eating things like kale with a bacon vinagrette, come on, I can't give it up completely. But, I am really starting to notice a difference in how my body is reacting. It is all positive.

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jayabee52 2011-06-21 22:34:08 -0500 Report

That's FANTASTIC news David! Please keep up the good work!

No problems with the bacon vinagrette! What you're doing seems to be working! And you gotta live a little!