zMy appetite is getting away from me.

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Started 2011-06-21 18:26:05 -0500

I've always been a big eater, but lately it seems to have gotten out of control. I rarely eat breakfast, I have a small lunch (more like a snack, really) and when I get home I nibble until I go to bed. Even when I have regular meals 3 times a day, I nibble, nibble, nibble. My blood sugar is always really high in the morning.

Can anyone help me understand why I can't find anything satisfying to eat so I can stop the nibbling?

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Dixiemom 2011-07-03 20:24:11 -0500 Report

For some reason I have stopped the picking and nibbling between meals. I will drink a protein shake in between lunch and supper or before I go to bed. I eat breakfast and lunch and dinner. If I snack it's on nuts or multigrain crackers with salsa or laughing cow cheese. So far this routine seems to be working for me. Hope you can find some thing that will satisfy.

sewinggranny 2011-06-23 20:03:58 -0500 Report

Also try some of the teas with low cal sweetners, sometimes I fix a cup of vanilla carmel hot tea before going to bed its so good it almost seems like you are doing the wrong thing but there is no calories or carbs in it!! I keep a huge variety of different teas in the house and fix me a cup of hot tea or hot apple cider (sugar free) or sugar free cocoa because sometimes drinking something will help fill you up also.

sewinggranny 2011-06-23 19:58:06 -0500 Report

Oh boy can I identify with you I have the same problem!! I either eat breakfast or lunch then I have a good supper and then I am eating until I go to bed and I have high sugars in the morning also! What I am beginning to do is eat things that are okay for instance I will eat a handful of nuts, or a mini bag of popcorn and a diet drink or if I am really hungry I will get me a bowl full of brocolli, and cauliflower and some fat free dressing and crunch away!! I talked to my doctor about this today and he said in the ideal world noone would snack after meals but he said most people do. I am finally learning don't keep candy, ice cream and the stuff I am not supposed to have but buy fresh veggies, fruits and low carb snacks I can have. Love sugar free jello with cool whip also. It does not hurt to have a boiled egg or a big huge salad either. Good luck. Carolyn

2011-06-22 22:54:15 -0500 Report

Hey camerashy~~ Go see a Dr please!! If you go 2 the emotional & something page go to pg 4 of that section and read whats going on w/me. PLEASE GO SEE A DR. You probably won't have what I have, but please go 2 the doc. And let me know what the outcome is.

Gemm 2011-06-22 10:53:44 -0500 Report

hey camerashy - I too am a nibbler. I had to look at why and what I nibbled on in the evenings so my morning BG readings weren't so high. I've found that by using some of my fruit and vegetable allotments for those times when I nibble it has helped bring my morning readings down (about 1/3 - 1/4 lower). I had to stop most carb nibbling in the evenings, except for an occasional snack of whole grain crackers with peanut butter when my evening BG was low to keep me from bottoming out overnight. When I've done that at night I find that I wake up in the morning feeling like I have a hangover - groggy, headache, lethargic, just as I feel when it bottoms out during the day.

I've also found out that when I don't eat a good breakfast I tend to nibble more at night, and throughout the day as well. For me, oatmeal is a favorite - cooked not those instant packets. I use Splenda for a sweetener and use some spices to flavor it to my taste. I can also add raisins, any fruit diced up and even a serving of nuts or seeds. Other choices that help me are other high fiber cereals, (I need a very high fiber diet for other reasons and have used one for many years) whole grain breads if I have an egg or two, and much more. I've heard a long time that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but for years I ignored that. The last year since being diagnosed as diabetic I have consciously made the change so I do eat breakfast and it has helped me tremendously to not "graze" or nibble all day and especially in the evening.

HUGS and gl with figuring it out.

camerashy 2011-07-03 21:53:27 -0500 Report

There are allotments? Have I been going to the wrong doctor? Oh, yeah. I fired him because he didn't seem to be "with it" when it comes to diabetes.

jayabee52 2011-06-21 22:42:58 -0500 Report

Howdy Camerashy!
What kinds of things are you nibbling on?

What is your Blood Glucose before bed and after you get up?

We can try to help you figure this out, but cannot help without good solid information.

Blessings to you and yours


camerashy 2011-06-23 18:27:17 -0500 Report

What I nibble on is whatever fits in my mouth. My glucose reading before going to bed is usually around 190, (I know - scary, huh?) and around 160 when I get up. Sometimes I think I must eat in my sleep. But If I don't eat, my glucose reading is still over 150 at night. The doctor I used to see said "it's the nature of the disease" so I figured out real quick that he didn't really know much about diabetes, and now I don't have a diabetes doctor. I've been craving sweets a lot, and found that lots of companies make the sugar-free varieties, but they're just not satisfying.

jayabee52 2011-06-23 19:42:55 -0500 Report

sugar free sweets can actually have more carbs in them than the regular, and I've found they're not as satisfying either. And the sugar alcohols in them give me a "laxitive effect".

What may be good for you would be to make or buy carrot and celery sticks and munch on those. When I was going through that I ate a LOT of celery sticks, which, I am told burn more calories digesting them than you get from them. You can definitely fill up on them, because I did.

But I would start out by eating a good breakfast with lots of protein in it. Avoid or greatly reduce the carb-laden breakfast foods like cerials or pancakes and the like. The protein helps to stabilize your BG#s and keeps you full longer. If you feel full you're not likely to nibble.

One old chestnut of a rule, that I think is still very true to help your weight and BG#s is to Eat breakfast like a King, Lunch like a prince and Supper like a pauper. Unfortunately we seem to have that reversed in our culture today. Supper/dinner is usually the biggest meal.

I pray you can make some good choices in your eating habits and what you choose to nibble on.


majikinfl 2011-06-21 19:21:14 -0500 Report

I wish I had a viable answer, because I am a nibbler but I eat breakfast now and have a sandwich at lunch and try to not nibble…failing…tried to make me something I really like at dinner…sometimes is works and others not so much. I think the solution is to find something you truly like and eat it…at dinner time. When do you take your meds? I also found glucerna shakes helped me stay full longer than some meals and did not spike my blood sugar and holds me over night also without lows or highs in the morning. Good Luck…Polly

camerashy 2011-06-23 18:32:35 -0500 Report

I don't muxh care for glucerna shakes, but there are others that I do use. I take my insulin twice a day - when I get up, and at dinner time. The problem with finding something I truly like is - I like everything! I don't really have a favorite food - unless it isn't good for me. I guess that's what happens when you grow up hungry, diabetic and hungry BECAUSE you're diabetic.

majikinfl 2011-06-23 18:49:14 -0500 Report

Its not funny but I never really craved mush until I was told I could not have it at all or had to severely curb my eating of things like potatoes [poor persons staple, some days all we had, that and bread or flour for gravy] Since they changed my Insulin to 70/30 I seem to have become ravenous. Not pushing glucerna but only one I have tried recently but I am told if you take a vanilla one you can add near any extract, lemon is my fav…cinnamon works too but better heated and then cooled. I am a food lover…but veges and I are not good friends…only like the expensive ones, some just sick of. I hope you can find a happy medium with food…been a life long struggle for me. F-A-I-L-E-D miserably…I do wish you well…Polly

Tender Tips
Tender Tips 2011-07-03 22:26:39 -0500 Report

No way are are either of you failures! Some days are just better than others. I have good days and then days when I go completely off-track. I feel so much better physically when I follow my food plan. So why don't I? Guess we just have to take it one day at a time and focus on the good things in our lives. The eating, to me, will be a lifelong challenge. Again, this site really helps-hearing everyone's struggle and successes.