Free Healthcare Is Great, BUT...

Teresa Rose
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Free healthcare is great BUT… not always.
I go to a free healthcare clinic, its for people that don't have health insurance or Medicaid or Medicare ect.
They have been really great to me there as far as helping me to get surgeries done that I needed very badly. I have been going to the free clinic for 3 yrs. now & they have paid for 3 major surgeries & countless doctors appointments with specialist and lab work, xrays, echocardiograms ect. Only thing is that it takes forever to get anything done there because it is free clinic that is run soley on donations & volunteers. Basically I am a happy person & I always put my faith & trust in God.
And I am a person that believes everything happens in Gods timing. Sometimes it's hard to wait though! I am in constant pain. I had my Gallbladder removed on Nov. 23,2010 two days before Thanksgiving. That was my last surgery. I got out of the hosp. the next evening. Before they released me they told me I needed to walk to get the gas out of my system from my surgery. I felt so good, the best I had felt in years!!! My daughter had to go to the store to get Thanksgiving groceries so after I got out of the hosp. my daughter & I went to the store. It was raining outside & as we were leaving the store I slipped & fell on the floor. I did the splits & twisted my right leg around backwards and busted the end of my spine on the cement floor. I got up carefully & we went home. Before I got up I didn't feel the pain, plus I was on Lortabs from my surgery. When I got up I could feel some pain but decided to go home and see how I fellt later. Later when the Lortab began to wear off I could really feel it. The pain was so intense that I was in tears. I couldn't lift my feet 1/4 " off the floor. My husband took me to the ER and they did xrays. I didn't break anything or bust my stitches from my surgery but I had deep bruise contusions on my tailbone & Ligamentous strains in all the ligaments that control your back. I had a slipped disc in my lower back poking into the nerves & on the other side of my spine I had 2 buldging disc. At my L4 & 5. After I hurt my back arthritis set into my back as well. I went to my free clinic for a follow up appointment and they gave me pain meds and set me up with therapy & a MRI but it took weeks to get that appointment and I had to stay on oxicodone for awhile until I could get in for my appointment. They made me so sick. I was glad when I finally got into the free clinic but by that time High Blood pressure had set in from the pain I had been having. They put me on different pain meds & got me on the patient medication assistance program sponsered by Johnson & Johnson. After 3 major surgeries and a back injury I went for a yearly checkup and I told my doctor about different things that were bothering my; My legs & feet were killing me; I was extremely tired all the time; I was constantly thirsty & always having to pee & I felt like I was starving to death. Plus I told her about all my back pain I was still having. My doctor sent me to the lab to do an A1C test. Several days later I got a call from my doctor telling me I had Diabetes Type 2. She gave me appointments for a class & dietician ect. It took 5 wks. to get into a class. 3 wks. to get into the dietician. I went to the dietician & we did a food plan & I learned about Carbs. I went to the class & everything that was taught there I already learned on Diabetic Connect. I am supposed to lose 75 lbs. And I am supposed to try to control my diabetes with diet & exercise which is impossible for me. I am not a person that eats sweets & I do my best to eat right & always have. In 1993 I started gaining weight & nothing I did worked to get it off of me. Diet, exercise, I have tried so many things. I believe that is when my diabetes began. That's when my legs & feet started hurting also. Now I am in constant pain, even with the pain meds. I can't hardly stay awake most times and as I've been writing this I have been taking naps in between. Exercise is another story. I have never been a lazy person; I have always been busy doing something. Since I hurt my back my exercise is extremely limited, basically impossible! I know I need meds to help my diabetes because controling it with diet is ok but exercise is out of the question pretty much. I have absolutlely no energy at all. I have a doctors appointment July 1st & I'm praying they do something to help me. They haven't even helped me get a meter. Free Healthcare is great BUT…if I had insurance and could go to a regular doctor I would have had everything that I needed a long time ago and a prescription for a meter & test strips. Also Free Healthcare is Great BUT… it takes a long time to get things taken care of & you could die waiting. Don't get me wrong I do appreciate that I have any care at all & I truly am blessed to have recieved the help but Diabetes is a life threatening disease and I needed help a long time ago for it, not just a bandaid. What Do You Think? Free Healthcare is Great BUT… ). Teresa Rose

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jayabee52 2011-06-21 23:57:42 -0500 Report

I feel terrible that all this has happened to you Teresa!

But to get better care you have to be the "squeeky wheel" that gets the grease. Decide what you want or need the most and advocate for that. I feel that getting a meter is very important, but they are fairly inexpensive and if you buy an inexpensive meter (like the Reli-on) from Walmart you can find inexpensive strips, so you may wish to choose some other thing for which you advocate.

Unfortunately, I fear that if the new govt medical program gets going we may all have to wait a lot longer for medical care and we'll all need to be squeeky wheels.

Blessings to you!


Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-06-22 00:48:45 -0500 Report

You are so right about the govt. medical program. I probably will look into getting a meter from Walmart. I don't see any reason for spending a large amount of money for a meter & test strips. - Blessings to you too! - Teresa Rose